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Should You Pay Tithe To Your Church?

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The most over flogged topic in the Christian world today is tithe. While some believe that every Christian should pay tithe, as stated in Mal.3:10-12, if the doors of financial breakthrough are to open for you. Other school of faith, states that tithe is an old testament command, which went with the dispensation of the Leviticus priesthood order! They claim that with the advent of the Melchisdeck priesthood order, which Jesus Christ is the high priest, the old has given way to the new. So it is not mandatory for Christians to pay tithe. The gulf between the two schools of thought has widen considerably over the years and still growing. Continue reading Should You Pay Tithe To Your Church?


Meet The Cashiers of Bank of Heaven


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Jesus Christ made a statement of fact that many till now misinterpret for lack of spiritual insight. Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.” Every Christian need to understand the secret of success in what Jesus said. Many believers have money in their bank accounts which is sitting idle in bank vaults, instead of investing it in the sons of God. Rather than allow your fellow brother to suffer and go through pains and lack, your lifting hand is the resources God has placed in your domain. Some of you complain about having to accumulate for those who are lazy to reap, so your support are often in pennies rather than in pounds. It is not the plan of God for anyone of his children to suffer to the point of lack, but that evil predator call Satan whose ministry is to steal to kill and to destroy. Looking at the destructions that have ravaged many homes in recent times, precious metals such as gold and silver are washed away from their hidden places; millions of cash currencies are destroyed or stolen by armed robbers and fraudsters.

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