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Seven Years Count-Down Begins

As the earth completed it’s 2017 circle at the stationary Sun, thus ending heaven’s calendar for the world. The count-down of the Devil’s calendar began New Year 2018. To the ordinary man, it is just your normal transition from one … Continue reading

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God Warn Churches of 2017 Rapture!

    The ominous signs are all over the world, and you don’t need to be reminded that the end is not far in sight. Watching this video confirms to me that the Church need to wake up its sleeping … Continue reading

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When Fake News Becomes Real News!

We live in times when so much is happening at the same time all over the world. Taking in so much information and sifting it to know which one is real or fake has become a challenge for the minds … Continue reading

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Rapture! Religious Fear Or Reality?

The desire to keep up with the changing face of our earthly existence ; food on the table, settling the bills, meeting up mortgage payments, keeping our career on track, has beclouded our minds of the transitory nature of our … Continue reading

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