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Bushiri’s Youthful Wiseman, Apostle Felix Huious!

Apostle Felix
Apostle Felix Huious of ECG Church, Pretoria SA

The mystery of God is that his selection always contradicts the mindset of carnal man. While God looks at the spirit behind the selection, man looks at the physical and background appearance to make a choice; here is where man’s selection always fails! Some years ago, I got a facebook friendship request from a young man called Apostle Felix Huious. Something in my spirit lit up seeing a relatively youngster, probably the age of my second children who happen to be twins, on fire for Jesus Christ. The perversion that is causing havoc in this generation leaves little hope for them to connect body, soul and spirit with the Most High God. But here was a Jeremiah generation in the making.

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Is Miracle Money From God or the Devil?


My concern for the souls of the millions of Christians giving to miracle money, has prompted me to delve into this topic. I have observed over the years, that certain young ministers from the Southern part of Africa, have popularized miracle money as a bait to attract thousands of people to their programmes or crusades. As an evangelist, the concept of misusing God’s grace to touch the weakness of man to bring him to the Kingdom is misplaced.  We all know that human kind, especially, in Africa are facing the challenges of the end time pang; less money in families, unemployment, poverty, sicknesses and diseases. Man’s problems are eighty-five percent solved when there is sufficient money in his bank account to meet his family’s needs.  Man in his desire to acquire money will always answer calls to where it is likely to be available free of charge. Continue reading Is Miracle Money From God or the Devil?