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Uebert Angel’s Becoming a Millionaire in Real Estate

Originally posted on Gospel Shop Africa:
Becoming a Millionaire in Real Estate acts as a guru for you while you set out to make money in the real estate market. You’re at the right place if you need to make…

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Uebert Angel To Apologize To TB Joshua

  The general maxim to err is human and to forgive is divine, occupy a strong position in the life of the Christian. The psalmist asked God, why are you so mindful of man, whose heart is full of wickedness … Continue reading

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Is Prosperity Preaching Destroying the Church?

I am all for the spiritual and physical well-being of the Christian, because they both  compliment each other. Your spiritual well-being is not complete without money in the pocket and food on the table. Likewise, your physical well being which … Continue reading

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God looks Inside & Outside

The time has come for this often misconstrued doctrine to be put in its proper perspective. Many Ministers of God are often heard saying to their congregation that God does not look at your outward appearance, but what is inside … Continue reading

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Is Shepherd Bushiri – A Prophet of God?

You would not be out of place in asking such a soul searching question after watching Prophetic Channel, a satellite television station based in South Africa and owned by the young prophet. More so, the Holy Bible admonishes Christians to … Continue reading

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Is Miracle Money From God or the Devil?

My concern for the souls of the millions of Christians giving to miracle money, has prompted me to delve into this topic. I have observed over the years, that certain young ministers from the Southern part of Africa, have popularized … Continue reading

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