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Broken Marriages of Pastors Called Chris

3 Pastors called Chris

Why do we all react with sadness whenever the marriages of a Man of God hit the rocks? The answer is not far fetched, they are supposed to live an exemplary life for the folks they minister to imitate! However, what is happening in Christendom today leaves much to be desired, especially, as regards marriages of clergymen. In Nigeria, for instance, most of the popularly known Men of God all called Chris (short form of Christian or Christopher) have marriage problems; Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy fame,  Chris Okafor of Liberation TV ministries and Chris Okotie of Household of God Church. The coincidence of the Chris factor is unusually abnormal! One common thread runs across these three pastors named Chris; they are what I would called the ladies men, good looking and with the charisma to hold their audience spell bound preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and are financially prosperous in their calling! This are the targets Satan prefer to destroy, because there are a menace in his kingdom.

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God looks Inside & Outside

Yvonne Phillips Eteng

The time has come for this often misconstrued doctrine to be put in its proper perspective. Many Ministers of God are often heard saying to their congregation that God does not look at your outward appearance, but what is inside of you! The resulting effect of this statement is what you see in the churches today, worldly attributes right on the altar of the Most High. God at the beginning of your life before conversion does not bother with your appearance, because you are immersed in sin and worldly lifestyle. In his eyes you are full of filth and covered in cow dung, iniquity is your passport. Satan, your master does not allow you to see the filth, because you would run to where you would be washed with fuller soap and purged with hyssop! (Psalm 51:7-19). That is the lives of billions of people living on this earth today.

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How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was Trapped By Satan

The Cultist Man with Prophet JeremiahAfter His deliverance by Prophet Jeremiah

The times we are in are perilous and a warning to all Christians that want to make it to Heaven not to be unguarded. We should not be quick to judge or criticize, especially, where it concerns those chosen to handle the mantle of God on earth. In recent times, men of God have become the target of evil attacks which is meant to ridicule their calling and ministries. The divorce case of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the General Overseer of Christ Embassy, is one of many faith shaking events happening in God’s Kingdom. Ordinarily no one would have butted an eyelid, but for the fact that Pastor Chris is a major man of God with worldwide influence on millions of Christians. His influence on young people is phenomenal and any dent on his image would have negative impact on their perception of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was Trapped By Satan