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Preachers Gagged by Governor El-Rufia


When the decision was taken to gag religious preachers in Kaduna, one of the thirty-six states that make up Nigeria, the hue and cry was loud and clear; Governor El-Rufia stay clear off the religious path! Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and the most religious; the thread line between Christians and Moslems is very thin and often erupt in deadly clashes, especially, in Kaduna State located in Northern Nigeria. The unique position of Kaduna is in its religious composition – the Northern part of the State is dominated by Muslims, while the South is populated by Christians. The administrative composition is always a Muslim Governor and a Christian Deputy. So the decision of the Governor to push legislation that will require both Christians and Moslem preachers to apply and get a preaching license struck the wrong cord amongst the indigent population and Nigeria as a country.

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Oyedepo’s Landmark University In Scholarship Scam

Landmark University

Imagine the scene, your father has lost his job, your mother is dead, you have no hope of furthering your post-secondary education, because there are others before you. Suddenly, there is an announcement from the Church that science students would be given scholarship, especially, those interested in Agric-Science. So you decide to apply and you get the scholarship with no strings attached. Ordinary with a tuition fee in six figures the chances of you attending that Church owned University is zero, because of your background! Little did you release that it was a wicked and deceptive bait to make it look as if the Church offer is a charitable cause.

The reality of this big deception surfaced when in their final year. Landmark University, the Bishop David Oyedepo’s owned institution in Nigeria, wrote to all the scholarship students that those with anything less than first class must pay N500,000. to write their final year exams.

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God Speaks On Nigeria

Here is the word of God to the messenger this day.
Nigeria shall witness a wind of glory never ever known by man. The scepter of him who is and is to come is stretched over the entire country. Let those be warned that are the architects of trouble and evil, for their days are numbered. The chaff in a couple of days from now will be blown over and the grains shall settle at the bottom of the basin. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit of God is saying. For the words are not those of man, but the select of the Lord. Continue reading God Speaks On Nigeria

Goodluck Jonathan Plan Exposed

Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

The arms of many are raised against President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term bid; the spate of criticism and desire to unseat him is shocking. The question that keep burning in my heart is why the campaign against the Nigerian President instead of the People’s Democratic Party, the platform that brought him to power? Can we attribute this singular action to his minority ethnic background? Some may argue otherwise, but from all analysis of the various attacks on the candidacy of Jonathan, two things stands out, ethnicity and religion! The President broke a generational jinx, that did not give the minorities in Nigeria any hope of a shot at the Presidency of the country. Jonathan’s emergence to the top of the country’s number one position was not a coincidence but a divine arrangement by God. Continue reading Goodluck Jonathan Plan Exposed