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African Women, Wigging Themselves To Hell?

African Women

The fad now where ever you look is to see an African woman or girl draping long hair to compliment their natural God given beauty. Over the past twenty-years, the demand by African women for long flowing hair has created a multi-million dollar business for companies all over the world. The demand is in two segments; synthetically engineered hair and natural human hair. The latter is five times more costly! In countries like Nigeria, which has the largest population of black Africans in the world, hair wigs as either attachments or weave-on has become a fashion must have item for most women. The same trend replicates itself across the black African race across the world including the United States of America and the UK. Those human hairs bought from India and other Asian countries carry demons from their various shrines and temples. The ones from Brazil are not different either, so any one who purchases this hair and attach it to their head, becomes spiritually linked to the original owners! It’s a tough war for deliverance gospel ministers who are burdened to set these captives free.  Continue reading African Women, Wigging Themselves To Hell?