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Bushiri Anchors Apostle Felix in USA

ubert Angel and Apostle Felixosis

Shepherd Bushiri, popularly known as Major 1, the multi-millionaire young Prophet  of this generation has made good his desire to have an anchor point in  North America. It is now fully confirmed that the rising Wiseman of the Prophet, a vibrant and humble youthful Apostle, called Felixioss Huious, is now the anchor point of the American branch of ECG, the ministry arm of Shepherd Bushiri.

Like John, the beloved of Jesus Christ, whom a lot was revealed to in order to carry the mantle of revelation of the gospel. Apostle Felixioss Huious is a truly beloved of the multi-millionaire prophet, he has over the years enjoyed a senior brother guardianship and a spiritual mentorship. The result is manifesting in the various assignments, Major-1, has been sending him to accomplish both in South Africa and the USA. Continue reading Bushiri Anchors Apostle Felix in USA


Why Is God Not Answering Me?

Prayer Mountain, Abuja

There I was in 2012, lost in thoughts and wondering what next to do to get out of the situation I suddenly found myself wallowing in! The Ministry was epileptic, not that it was standing in a specific location; what I found myself doing was more of getting divine messages for people and either visiting them or relating it on phone to them. It was as if God was testing me to see the level of submission and obedience to his word. For the last two quarters of 2011, I was on regular errands for my Father in Heaven. There was this particular elderly man who had cheated me out of a transaction that was to accelerate me to a princely nine figure sum. His promise to make up for his actions in another transaction did not materialize, so I erased him out of my subconscious to ease my pain. Continue reading Why Is God Not Answering Me?

Don’t Mention Jesus To Me -Thank You!

As I sat starring at Junior, my first son crying his eyeballs out, there was anger in my heart, hot bottled up anger. It was about 2.00 am that morning and the rest of the world outside was asleep. My wife was helpless, I could read it from her eyes, as she sat on the edge of the bed confused. Junior’s twin sister, Mary, was sound asleep and from all indications she could be less bothered about her twin brother’s wailing. The twins were only six months old! Yes, only six months in this wicked world. If only I had known Junior’s wailing was not ordinary, I probably would have been on my knees with my dear wife praying that night – asking God to deliver my son from the hands of wickedness. But I was an unbeliever – so it really didn’t matter to me at that time. You could talk about anything under the sun, but don’t mention church or Jesus Christ to me – thank you! Continue reading Don’t Mention Jesus To Me -Thank You!

The Winning Spirit


An unfocused individual is unstable in all his ways. You end up being a jack of all trades, but a master of none. A hundred meter runner cherishes every second as his body tears through the wind resistance. To look at any distraction would mean valuable time lost, which the competition would gladly take advantage of to get to the finish line. Why do we need to remain focused in our goals and objectives? Undeniably it is the coveted prize at the end of all the suffering, self denial, affliction, name calling and evil attack. The winning spirit is not distracted by the discouragement of others, he is on a pilgrimage to success; there might be rising and falling, it forms part of the experiences to look back on and thank God for a rough but victorious journey. Continue reading The Winning Spirit