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African Women, Wigging Themselves To Hell?

African Women

The fad now where ever you look is to see an African woman or girl draping long hair to compliment their natural God given beauty. Over the past twenty-years, the demand by African women for long flowing hair has created a multi-million dollar business for companies all over the world. The demand is in two segments; synthetically engineered hair and natural human hair. The latter is five times more costly! In countries like Nigeria, which has the largest population of black Africans in the world, hair wigs as either attachments or weave-on has become a fashion must have item for most women. The same trend replicates itself across the black African race across the world including the United States of America and the UK. Those human hairs bought from India and other Asian countries carry demons from their various shrines and temples. The ones from Brazil are not different either, so any one who purchases this hair and attach it to their head, becomes spiritually linked to the original owners! It’s a tough war for deliverance gospel ministers who are burdened to set these captives free.  Continue reading African Women, Wigging Themselves To Hell?

How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was Trapped By Satan

The Cultist Man with Prophet JeremiahAfter His deliverance by Prophet Jeremiah

The times we are in are perilous and a warning to all Christians that want to make it to Heaven not to be unguarded. We should not be quick to judge or criticize, especially, where it concerns those chosen to handle the mantle of God on earth. In recent times, men of God have become the target of evil attacks which is meant to ridicule their calling and ministries. The divorce case of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the General Overseer of Christ Embassy, is one of many faith shaking events happening in God’s Kingdom. Ordinarily no one would have butted an eyelid, but for the fact that Pastor Chris is a major man of God with worldwide influence on millions of Christians. His influence on young people is phenomenal and any dent on his image would have negative impact on their perception of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was Trapped By Satan

If Jesus Was Me, What Car Would He Drive? extract 2

Definitely not a Hummer Jeep! What we should be asking ourselves as Christians and Church leaders is this heart searching question. The answer we give will reveal to us the truth about our faith in Christ Jesus. In the days of Jesus Christ, there were different modes of transportation namely; chariots, horses, donkey, boats and walking. The fastest mode was the Chariot, because of the number of horses required to pull it. The second fastest was the horse mounted by its rider, the donkey was probably the slowest of the animal based transport modes. The speed of the boat was often determined by the wind current blowing on the sea. As we know, walking as a mode of transportation has been with us from time immemorial. On the day of Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem, he chose of all the animal base transportation system, the donkey! Continue reading If Jesus Was Me, What Car Would He Drive? extract 2


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Honestly, since you became a Christian, have you ever given a continuous offering of a sum that will cause heavens doors to be open to you? Your answer maybe yes or no, depending on your disposition. The truth is that what we offer to our God as offering is often less than a tenth of the blessing that flows our way. Offering is a seed that shouldn’t be toyed around with, if our expectation is for a continuous harvest throughout our life time. Riches that springs out of offering is healthy to the body and nourishing to the soul. God Almighty confirms this in His word,  Pr 10:22  “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”  Continue reading THE OFFERING SEED


If Jesus Was Me, What would he do?There is no Bible believing Christian who wouldn’t be disturbed by the unfolding events in the House of God. We have become more worldly than the world by flaunting the blessing of God in our lives. Where we are to impact humanity with our substance, we prefer to lavish it on our earthly desires. Are all these desires in sync with our calling into the priesthood of Jesus Christ?  Do you ever stop a while to ask yourself the question, if Jesus Christ was me, would he do what I am doing now? Probably not, because the answer may be in contrast to your present life style. Continue reading IF JESUS WAS ME, WHAT WOULD HE DO? Part 1 extract


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This message is a clarion call to all Christians not to ignore or wave aside the recent happenings in the world. Since 2010, the world has been witnessing strange happenings in every nation and all of these point to Matt.24.7  “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.”  These words were spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ to his followers.  To those who are of the world, it is strange happenings, but those who are of God’s Kingdom -it’s the beginning of the end time prophecies. So we as believers of Christ have to start putting our houses in order since we neither know the date or time of Christ coming. Continue reading SAME SEX MARRIAGE: THE SEXUAL ABOMINATION OF THE ENDTIME!