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Rapture! Religious Fear Or Reality?

The desire to keep up with the changing face of our earthly existence ; food on the table, settling the bills, meeting up mortgage payments, keeping our career on track, has beclouded our minds of the transitory nature of our … Continue reading

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God looks Inside & Outside

The time has come for this often misconstrued doctrine to be put in its proper perspective. Many Ministers of God are often heard saying to their congregation that God does not look at your outward appearance, but what is inside … Continue reading

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You Are A Star And Not A Grain

It takes the special grace of God to become a star of the heavens. What is so unique about being a star instead of a grain of sand on the sea shore, you may well ask? Stars are special because … Continue reading

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Why Is God Not Answering Me?

There I was in 2012, lost in thoughts and wondering what next to do to get out of the situation I suddenly found myself wallowing in! The Ministry was epileptic, not that it was standing in a specific location; what … Continue reading

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God Speaks On Nigeria

Here is the word of God to the messenger this day. Nigeria shall witness a wind of glory never ever known by man. The scepter of him who is and is to come is stretched over the entire country. Let … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ before the ascension into heaven, told his disciples that it was to their advantage that he returned to Heaven, for it was only then the Father can send down the Counsellor to them. One may be tempted to … Continue reading

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