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Creativity – The Secret of Success

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Why is creativity so important in the scale of business and life successes? You don’t need to look far; God Almighty, who made us in His image and likeness was full of creativity. Being a chip off the old block means-we as the handmade of God can only inherit that part of his characteristics. In Gen.1:27, the Bible says; “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”  If the world we see is beautiful in our eyes, which is the product of the creativity of God, it means we only need to set our mind and our heart on any particular creation, and it will surely happen.


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Rapture! Religious Fear Or Reality?

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The desire to keep up with the changing face of our earthly existence ; food on the table, settling the bills, meeting up mortgage payments, keeping our career on track, has beclouded our minds of the transitory nature of our presence on the earth! It is only when there is crisis that we stop awhile to recount our steps and reflect on our true relationship with the Heavenly Host. The modern church has relegated the topic to the background and prefer topics that keep their congregation electrified and wanting more from the preachers – whose speech charisma has overshadowed holiness and righteousness. The modern worshipper want to hear about prosperity and not repentance; longevity not rapture! For them, let Jesus Christ tarry awhile before embarking on the second journey. At least, let them enjoy their own portion of the earth abundance before going to heaven or hell! Some could careless because of the affliction they have been subjected to on earth.

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God Speaks On Nigeria

Here is the word of God to the messenger this day.
Nigeria shall witness a wind of glory never ever known by man. The scepter of him who is and is to come is stretched over the entire country. Let those be warned that are the architects of trouble and evil, for their days are numbered. The chaff in a couple of days from now will be blown over and the grains shall settle at the bottom of the basin. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit of God is saying. For the words are not those of man, but the select of the Lord. Continue reading God Speaks On Nigeria

A Christmas Cry From My 15 year old

Paul is the last of five children, at the age of fifteen he towers above other members of the family at six feet two inches. His lanky frame and teenage face exposes his venerability. At that height and with the right diet he could be a famous basketball player – we use that to tease him. His uttermost desire is to roundup his senior high school and attends college in the United States. I support him whole heartedly! Study hard and make the grades in the public exams and your dream could come true – was my encouragement to him. But this Christmas eve, Paul was busy crying himself out without my knowledge. Continue reading A Christmas Cry From My 15 year old


All through the ages, God has been speaking to men and women of diverse races, that He is God and nothing is impossible with Him! At the same time, the devil, has been speaking that man can do without God and still live a happy life? The question is can the created determine what the creator is? It’s impossible! There are many afflictions that you go through in today’s world, because the message has not sunk into your body system. Jesus, the word of God made flesh, said I am the way, the truth and the light  no one comes to the Father, unless through me. John 14:6 Continue reading FOCUS YOUR MIND!


The view of the valley from where I was standing was awesome. I could see as far as the eye could see in the distance. Dimly lit lights shone from the houses in the flat plains below. I noticed the absence of the harsh sunlight I was used to, especially, at that time of the day. It was probably late afternoon and it was  dusk. As I stood looking at the exodus of people heading towards the hill, where I had vantage position, my eye turned right and behold on a high hill a few yards away from me were white crystal like shapes protruding from the ground. I was amazed at such beautiful sight.  The shapes of crystallite seem to glow in the dusk of the day. Continue reading A VISION OF HEAVEN