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Creativity – The Secret of Success

Why is creativity so important in the scale of business and life successes? You don’t need to look far; God Almighty, who made us in His image and likeness was full of creativity. Being a chip off the old block … Continue reading

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Rapture! Religious Fear Or Reality?

The desire to keep up with the changing face of our earthly existence ; food on the table, settling the bills, meeting up mortgage payments, keeping our career on track, has beclouded our minds of the transitory nature of our … Continue reading

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God Speaks On Nigeria

Here is the word of God to the messenger this day. Nigeria shall witness a wind of glory never ever known by man. The scepter of him who is and is to come is stretched over the entire country. Let … Continue reading

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A Christmas Cry From My 15 year old

Paul is the last of five children, at the age of fifteen he towers above other members of the family at six feet two inches. His lanky frame and teenage face exposes his venerability. At that height and with the right … Continue reading

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All through the ages, God has been speaking to men and women of diverse races, that He is God and nothing is impossible with Him! At the same time, the devil, has been speaking that man can do without God … Continue reading

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The view of the valley from where I was standing was awesome. I could see as far as the eye could see in the distance. Dimly lit lights shone from the houses in the flat plains below. I noticed the … Continue reading

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