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Foundational Spiritual Attacks (Part-2)


The first write up on this topic looked at dreams as one of the gateway in which the devil uses his agents to attack an individual; be it Christian or otherwise. In this concluding part of the topic, I shall take you through foundational demonic attacks. Every human being on earth came out of a family tree that was started by one man. As the tree spread, it developed its own branches, while some branches bore fruits others were not so fortunate. As those fruits ripened and some fell to the ground,while the birds of the air carried some to distant places; replicas of this tree are soon found growing all over the place. Such is the story of man! Every family on earth has a foundation ( beginning) somewhere. Most families have an idolatry foundation, either the founder of that lineage carried out inherited rituals passed on by his ancestors or decides to chart a new cause by engaging spirits that are assumed to be more powerful than that of his ancestors’! These demons worshiped in the form of gods are given a pride of place in the family to protect, prosper, heal, fight and deliver that lineage. In return, sacrifices, oblation and rituals celebrations of that clan or community will hold in their honour yearly; either as harvest festivals or fertility celebrations.

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