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Donald Trump Is The Son Of Lucifer, Says The LORD!

The world has never been so shaken politically, socially, economically and psychologically as when Donald Trump contested and won the Presidency of the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America. His presidency was greeted with protests all over … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Fulfills Prophesy, Wins US Presidency!

The financial markets and the stock exchange around the world opened on  depressed notes, when it was obvious that billionaire US business man, Donald Trump, was just three points away from victory. Hillary Clinton could not gather enough electoral points … Continue reading

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Spiritual Battle For The White House: Clinton vs. Trump

I am not a prophet, neither do I see as deep as the seer. But what things stand out of all men called by God Almighty as His Ministers on earth? Occasionally, he opens their spiritual eyes to see things … Continue reading

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Donald Trump-A billionaire On rampage!

The popular democratic phrase, power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely, should be re-phrased in the on going North America primaries, where the Republican front runner Donald Trump is brash with his words to the electorates. What is emerging from the Trump … Continue reading

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