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Demonic Trackers of The Third Kind!


We were not expecting any visitor from Umor, my hometown, because I didn’t remember inviting anybody over. The shock that struck me when at about 8pm that fateful night , my mobile phone rang. Someone at the other end told me my mentally disturbed sister was in the city, and that I should come and pick her up. Instantly, my countenance changed and I did not know whether to get angry or shout at the caller. How could they have allowed a mentally sick person to enter their vehicle and transported her more than seven hundred kilometres without a helper by her side? Who could have done this evil? Something inside of me, told me my mother was not aware of her coming. I refused to go because I knew the trouble her presences would bring to my family. It was only the pleading of my dear wife, Shirley that prompted me to drive across town that night to pick up my sister. Blood really is thicker than water! Continue reading Demonic Trackers of The Third Kind!

Battling With Evil Forces –Know Yourself (Part-1)

Night over mountain

This is a three part series of the end time battle of the believer of Jesus Christ, against the forces of darkness. I never believed in my wildest dreams that a topic I treated during my college days would come in handy in my spiritual battle with evil; SWOT analysis is one of the many topics covered in marketing planning. It is an audit tool used to evaluate a company for strategic repositioning. In the battle with Satan and his evil angels, you sincerely need to conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself; what is your Strength, your Weaknesses, the Opportunities available to you and what are the Threats? This audit of yourself will tell you if you can directly confront the devil and his agents. The reason many ministers of the gospel avoid meddling with deliverance ministration is because they are in most cases not sure of their spiritual standing in the Kingdom of God. A man maybe anointed but lack the spiritual willpower to exercise the empowerment Jesus Christ gave to him: for this reason many Churches fed their members only with words that lack the power to bring about change in their lives. The devil knows it and therefore, hardly troubles those churches, because they are not a treat to his kingdom.

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Foundational Spiritual Attacks (Part-2)


The first write up on this topic looked at dreams as one of the gateway in which the devil uses his agents to attack an individual; be it Christian or otherwise. In this concluding part of the topic, I shall take you through foundational demonic attacks. Every human being on earth came out of a family tree that was started by one man. As the tree spread, it developed its own branches, while some branches bore fruits others were not so fortunate. As those fruits ripened and some fell to the ground,while the birds of the air carried some to distant places; replicas of this tree are soon found growing all over the place. Such is the story of man! Every family on earth has a foundation ( beginning) somewhere. Most families have an idolatry foundation, either the founder of that lineage carried out inherited rituals passed on by his ancestors or decides to chart a new cause by engaging spirits that are assumed to be more powerful than that of his ancestors’! These demons worshiped in the form of gods are given a pride of place in the family to protect, prosper, heal, fight and deliver that lineage. In return, sacrifices, oblation and rituals celebrations of that clan or community will hold in their honour yearly; either as harvest festivals or fertility celebrations.

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Between lies & Truth; TB Joshua Vs Premium Times!

TB Joshua 2 When the news broke of a leak in the accounts of world personalities who own and operates offshore companies in countries tagged tax havens. My curiosity grew the more to identify those individuals; not that I can stop them from running their companies wherever they feel safe, but to add a face to faceless corporations. Rightly or wrongly, offshore companies are used for genuine global transactions and also for funding terrorism and illegal wealth stolen from government treasuries around the world. When the name of world renown Prophet, TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Nigeria, was prominently highlighted by Premium Times – an online newspaper, my interest took a different turn. What almost made me wave aside the newspaper report was the name of the reporter, Nicholas Ibekwe, the same fellow who shortly after the SCOAN building collapse accused the revered Prophet of doling out cash to suppress news reports. When all who have interacted with TB Joshua know him for generosity with no strings attached.

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Are Prayers Effective Today ?

Fire Prayers Destroys Evil Altars.

Prayers are a spiritual tool that works beyond human understanding. The essence of prayers is to bring about a relationship with Almighty God through the blood Jesus shed on the cross. Prayer is a talk with your Father in heaven, its a period when you block out everything that has to do with the physical world in order to connect to the spirit world. Hence the closing of your eyes during the session.  During prayers, your mind and your heart must be in one accord – focused! It’s a period when faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit combine to scatter evil manipulation of the sons of God. It is also a time of telling your Father in heaven what you really feel about everything concerning your life and those around you. Continue reading Are Prayers Effective Today ?