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Why Christmas Was Replaced With Xmas

Christmas icon The feeling of holidays is always more pronounced when December shows its face; the most celebrated Christian festival on the planet fills the atmosphere. Newly born babies are not exempted from the feeling of joy and happiness in homes across nations. In a country like Nigeria, my home, where there is almost equal divide between Christians and Moslems, the season is celebrated together! The controversy surrounding the origin of Christmas and whether or not it represent the actual day Jesus Christ, the reason for the celebration was born, is an issue only the Holy Spirit can resolve. Many bible scholars will tell you that from the Scriptural narrative, the Shepherd attending to their flock would not be found out in the open during winter, which December represent in Israel. The Angels heralding the arrival of the Messiah, the saviour of mankind met the shepherds in the open field at night, winter is colder at night than during the day.

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Demonic Trackers of The Third Kind!


We were not expecting any visitor from Umor, my hometown, because I didn’t remember inviting anybody over. The shock that struck me when at about 8pm that fateful night , my mobile phone rang. Someone at the other end told me my mentally disturbed sister was in the city, and that I should come and pick her up. Instantly, my countenance changed and I did not know whether to get angry or shout at the caller. How could they have allowed a mentally sick person to enter their vehicle and transported her more than seven hundred kilometres without a helper by her side? Who could have done this evil? Something inside of me, told me my mother was not aware of her coming. I refused to go because I knew the trouble her presences would bring to my family. It was only the pleading of my dear wife, Shirley that prompted me to drive across town that night to pick up my sister. Blood really is thicker than water! Continue reading Demonic Trackers of The Third Kind!

Should You Pay Tithe To Your Church?

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The most over flogged topic in the Christian world today is tithe. While some believe that every Christian should pay tithe, as stated in Mal.3:10-12, if the doors of financial breakthrough are to open for you. Other school of faith, states that tithe is an old testament command, which went with the dispensation of the Leviticus priesthood order! They claim that with the advent of the Melchisdeck priesthood order, which Jesus Christ is the high priest, the old has given way to the new. So it is not mandatory for Christians to pay tithe. The gulf between the two schools of thought has widen considerably over the years and still growing. Continue reading Should You Pay Tithe To Your Church?

Governor Ben Ayade of CRS, Is He An Anti-Christ?

Governor Ben Ayade, CRS
Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State

This is a wakeup call to all Christians in Nigeria, especially, those in Cross River State to arise and fight any administration that want to rubbish our long established faith. The Christian fight is to uphold the constitutionally entrenched fundamental human rights of association and right to worship. The umbrella organisations of Christians in Nigeria such as Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) must bark and bite at the same time. Today, the lacklustre attitude of the Church in the United States and Britain is responsible for the decline and subjection to ridicule of the Christian faith in these countries. One of the disconnect to the faith is that of prayers and that is what the countries mentioned have used to cripple schools; by banning morning or afternoon Christian prayers in public schools and colleges. The bible describes these actions as the works of the anti-Christ.

Governor, Ben Ayade, the 35 years old professor, who has been saddled with the governorship of Cross River State in South South Nigeria, has began the process of towing the path of the Anti-Christ by directing both public and private schools in this predominately Christian State not to have morning and afternoon prayer assembly. Continue reading Governor Ben Ayade of CRS, Is He An Anti-Christ?