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Christians Awake, The Gate of Hell Is Now Open!

Millions of Christians all over the world may be wondering what is happening to our world; the truth of the matter is that Jesus Christ has left the sixth heaven and he is marching towards the earth heaven – the … Continue reading

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The Exposure of The Double Lives Of Some Men of God.

The trending news all over the social and mainstream media is the exposure of the double lives of some men of God; this should not come to you as a shock neither a surprise! The One who chose them out … Continue reading

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Promoting African Gospel Authors & Music

To all the thousands of users of http://www.phillipseteng.com blog from across the world, I want to honestly apologize for the interruption in accessing the website on the internet over two weeks now. I cherish your continuous patronage of my blog … Continue reading

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2017 ! The Year of Fire

We give thanks to Almighty God for granting us life to cross over to another year. The bible says the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. So your expectation in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, … Continue reading

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Sweep The Dead Men’s Bones In The Church

  Strange as the title of this piece may sound, it was a direct instruction from our Lord Jesus Christ, as I prayed this morning. He used Matt.23 to speak to me on this cold Abuja morning! Why such a … Continue reading

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Why Christmas Was Replaced With Xmas

 The feeling of holidays is always more pronounced when December shows its face; the most celebrated Christian festival on the planet fills the atmosphere. Newly born babies are not exempted from the feeling of joy and happiness in homes across … Continue reading

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Demonic Trackers of The Third Kind!

We were not expecting any visitor from Umor, my hometown, because I didn’t remember inviting anybody over. The shock that struck me when at about 8pm that fateful night , my mobile phone rang. Someone at the other end told … Continue reading

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Should You Pay Tithe To Your Church?

The most over flogged topic in the Christian world today is tithe. While some believe that every Christian should pay tithe, as stated in Mal.3:10-12, if the doors of financial breakthrough are to open for you. Other school of faith, … Continue reading

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Governor Ben Ayade of CRS, Is He An Anti-Christ?

This is a wakeup call to all Christians in Nigeria, especially, those in Cross River State to arise and fight any administration that want to rubbish our long established faith. The Christian fight is to uphold the constitutionally entrenched fundamental … Continue reading

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