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A First Class Attitude To Life

Attitude Bob

Most people grow up with a complex problem which is either inherited or self imposed. For the rest of their lives they make themselves social misfits. If you check their language, they have more of “ it is only the rich who can make it in this society” or “ you need  connection to break through”. By their own words they set limitations which obviously hinder their progress in life. They  never stop for a while to critically examine the Bible or ask God Almighty questions concerning their present circumstances.

Whilst everyone around them is progressing, they become stagnant! Some people they probably started life with now own cars and landed properties. Their own excuse will be to give you a million reasons why mother luck has not shown on their lives. Continue reading A First Class Attitude To Life



All through the ages, God has been speaking to men and women of diverse races, that He is God and nothing is impossible with Him! At the same time, the devil, has been speaking that man can do without God and still live a happy life? The question is can the created determine what the creator is? It’s impossible! There are many afflictions that you go through in today’s world, because the message has not sunk into your body system. Jesus, the word of God made flesh, said I am the way, the truth and the light  no one comes to the Father, unless through me. John 14:6 Continue reading FOCUS YOUR MIND!