Prayer Request

Dearly Beloved Brethren,

I welcome you to Phillips Eteng Ministries International (PEMI). May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ abound in you abundantly. I appreciate and celebrate you for being a part of what the Ancient of Days, God Almighty, is doing in our generation. Your regular visitation to my blog shall not go unrewarded, as I have introduced this Prayer Request page to be your prayer partner in petitioning your needs to the Most High God.

I believe the anointing of God upon my life and the anointing on you when combined in prayers shall move mountains to reveal the blessings, healing and salvation grace of Jesus Christ.

Please use the comment form below to send your Prayer Request and you shall surely receive a response from the Father of All Spirits, Jehovah the Ancient of Days. I love you, but Jesus Christ loves you more.

I remain yours in the Vineyard of Christ,

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.


12 thoughts on “Prayer Request”

  1. man of God pray for me more especially when you come to zambia locate me and my family. Please am have the problem of setback, no promotion, deliver my family from monitoring spirits, spirit of sickness my wife suzen kalima and i. Please pray for my spiritual, financial and physical breakthrough. Serve my family from spirit of poverty in the name of Jesus.

    1. I am joining my faith with your expectation to cause the supernatural to release your family from bondage. Expect a Prayer Note to your email box.

  2. Thank you for this blog, i was reading the other blog TBJW before and it was full of bitterness and negativities.
    Please pray for me so that God of prophet TB Joshua open a way for me to come to Scoan, i’m so desperate to be deliver from all these curses.

  3. Please help me in prayer, i really want to go to scoan to receive my deliverance but since 4 to 5 years now all my attempts have failed. i’m so desperate right now. I can’t bear it no more, please i need your help

    1. Don’t be desperate but present your desire to the Holy Spirit and ask him for direction. While you wait for that to happen, I have sent you a Prayer Note.

  4. pray for my spiritual anoiting may the God commissioned to prophesy and open the tongues. Pray also for my university results .

    1. The spirit of stagnation has no place in the affairs of the Children of God, the chains are broken now as you read this release. (A prayer note is on its way to your email)

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