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 Mosque on Friday, Church On Sunday; The Compromise of North America Church Leaders

I wish to express my disappointment at North America Church leaders for thinking that by allowing Moslems to worship in their Churches on Friday will improve relationship with Christians. How wrong they are and would soon find out. Some months ago, I stumbled into Press TV, the propaganda
channel  of Islamic Republic of Iran. In one of their programmes on the move of Islam, they interviewed an Islamic cleric based in the United Kingdom, who stated that in the next twenty years Islam would be a religion to reckoned with in Britain. He said there is a subtle strategy to gradually penetrate the fabric of the British society by providing an alternative to Christianity. He add that there is a growing conversion of Christians to Islam, because there is a void in this people’s lives. A white British Pastor who converted to Islam was interviewed on the programme. He expressed dissatisfaction with the Christian doctrine and found peace and self-fulfillment in his new religion.

What is happening in North America is part of a systemic eroding of Christianity within the American socio-cultural fabric. So called secular lobbyist who undoubtedly are Satanic agents in sheep clothing have succeeded in removing Christianity from junior and high schools’ daily routine; attacking every move for fellowship and prayers in schools. In the next five years, it will be a criminal offence to openly preach about Jesus Christ on the streets of America and Britain. My prayers is for God to send fire revival to the shores of America and wake-up the Church leaders who have lost their biting teeth. They have followed the path of caution by depending hundred percent on teaching and teaching without demonstrating the real power in what they are teaching! The spirit and the word is far apart in the USA, for that reason the society is degenerating faster than ever before.

Those Church leaders in Maryland and Washington DC who allow Muslims to use their Churches as mosques on Friday and then revert it to Sunday worship need to re-examine their actions. Their acts does nothing to improve interfaith relationship, but a desecration of the temple of God.  No mosque anywhere in the world would tolerate or even allow a Christian worship in their premises on a Sunday. The Western world has lost its religious value with its so called compromised stance. The type of religious freedom you will not find in Iran or Saudi Arabia is what the Western World is granting to Moslems in their domain. While Christians in these countries are not allowed the freedom of worship even in their churches, their Muslim countrymen and women in the West are allowed to build mosques and even time-share Churches for worship with Christians. What an irony!

The doctrine of good neighborliness’ states that live in harmony with your neighbor regardless of religion, colour, creed or ethnicity. Embrace love for its tolerance, endurance and forbearance of all.
Love does not compromise equity and faith. Hold on to your faith and Jesus Christ who liberated you from bondage.

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