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Books authored by Phillips Eteng are available now on Pick a copy for an insight into God’s mysteries hidden from humans by the devil.

New Release

If Jesus Was Me, What Would He Do?

Hardcopy:                   $9.99 Amazon
Ebook Download:       $6.99  Kindle

The big question every Christian should ask in order to avoid Satanic traps is IF JESUS WAS ME, WHAT WOULD HE DO?  The overcoming spirit is the one that knows what to do in all circumstances and situations. Jesus Christ, our Saviour, led by example. The book touches on all facets of the challenges we are likely to encounter on the journey to Heaven such as; lifestyles, what car should a Christian leader drive or Can I buy a jet plane? Sexual Issues: Should we condemn same sex marriages or win them over to Christ? Is transformation only in the spirit? Fashion will not take me to Hell!
Relationships: How should we relate to one another to keep alive the love of God? Music: Is Rock music truly Satan’s rhythmic expression that has found its way into gospel music?  For enquires email:

Now On  Sale
SOW & GROW RICH: The Secret Of Sharing Your Tithe For Prosperity

Hardcopy:                   $9.99 Amazon
Ebook Download:       $5.99  Kindle

Tithe Secrets, Sharing For Prosperity. This book is a True life  Sow & Grow Rich Experience. Get A Copy!
Tithe is one of the most potent weapon for fighting poverty. When used according to the Word of God. Doors of wealth opens. The world is passing through  economic crisis that began crippling families and nations since 2012. There will be food everywhere but no money to buy it. God revealed this book to me in 2011, in order to arm the Christian for the tough years ahead. Only those who sow should expect to reap.

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