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Seven Years Count-Down Begins

earth twelightAs the earth completed it’s 2017 circle at the stationary Sun, thus ending heaven’s calendar for the world. The count-down of the Devil’s calendar began New Year 2018. To the ordinary man, it is just your normal transition from one calendar year to another; nothing physical has changed, but it is not so in the spiritual realm. As I wrote in this blog last year, God told me in clear terms, heaven’s calendar for the world ends in 2017. This means the grace and mercy the world enjoyed as a result of God’s light to the world has ceased and is only available to believers in Jesus Christ, the Christian. Continue reading Seven Years Count-Down Begins



The view of the valley from where I was standing was awesome. I could see as far as the eye could see in the distance. Dimly lit lights shone from the houses in the flat plains below. I noticed the absence of the harsh sunlight I was used to, especially, at that time of the day. It was probably late afternoon and it was  dusk. As I stood looking at the exodus of people heading towards the hill, where I had vantage position, my eye turned right and behold on a high hill a few yards away from me were white crystal like shapes protruding from the ground. I was amazed at such beautiful sight.  The shapes of crystallite seem to glow in the dusk of the day. Continue reading A VISION OF HEAVEN