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Battling With Evil Forces –Know Yourself (Part-1)

Night over mountain

This is a three part series of the end time battle of the believer of Jesus Christ, against the forces of darkness. I never believed in my wildest dreams that a topic I treated during my college days would come in handy in my spiritual battle with evil; SWOT analysis is one of the many topics covered in marketing planning. It is an audit tool used to evaluate a company for strategic repositioning. In the battle with Satan and his evil angels, you sincerely need to conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself; what is your Strength, your Weaknesses, the Opportunities available to you and what are the Threats? This audit of yourself will tell you if you can directly confront the devil and his agents. The reason many ministers of the gospel avoid meddling with deliverance ministration is because they are in most cases not sure of their spiritual standing in the Kingdom of God. A man maybe anointed but lack the spiritual willpower to exercise the empowerment Jesus Christ gave to him: for this reason many Churches fed their members only with words that lack the power to bring about change in their lives. The devil knows it and therefore, hardly troubles those churches, because they are not a treat to his kingdom.

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Is Prosperity Preaching Destroying the Church?

Private-Jets, The crave of Men of God  of this Century

I am all for the spiritual and physical well-being of the Christian, because they both  compliment each other. Your spiritual well-being is not complete without money in the pocket and food on the table. Likewise, your physical well being which includes your material and financial state cannot be harnessed without the spiritual fortification! Jesus himself said a man without food in his belly, can hardly hear the gospel, unless you sought out the first before the word can enter into him. He equally said money is good, but the love of money is the root of all evil. Brethren, it is your right to prosper as your soul prospers. But what is bogging my heart and mind now is the extent to which men of God, who are suppose to be the light of the world, are openly and shamelessly flaunting their wealth to the chagrin of the Church.

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God looks Inside & Outside

Yvonne Phillips Eteng

The time has come for this often misconstrued doctrine to be put in its proper perspective. Many Ministers of God are often heard saying to their congregation that God does not look at your outward appearance, but what is inside of you! The resulting effect of this statement is what you see in the churches today, worldly attributes right on the altar of the Most High. God at the beginning of your life before conversion does not bother with your appearance, because you are immersed in sin and worldly lifestyle. In his eyes you are full of filth and covered in cow dung, iniquity is your passport. Satan, your master does not allow you to see the filth, because you would run to where you would be washed with fuller soap and purged with hyssop! (Psalm 51:7-19). That is the lives of billions of people living on this earth today.

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Is Miracle Money From God or the Devil?


My concern for the souls of the millions of Christians giving to miracle money, has prompted me to delve into this topic. I have observed over the years, that certain young ministers from the Southern part of Africa, have popularized miracle money as a bait to attract thousands of people to their programmes or crusades. As an evangelist, the concept of misusing God’s grace to touch the weakness of man to bring him to the Kingdom is misplaced.  We all know that human kind, especially, in Africa are facing the challenges of the end time pang; less money in families, unemployment, poverty, sicknesses and diseases. Man’s problems are eighty-five percent solved when there is sufficient money in his bank account to meet his family’s needs.  Man in his desire to acquire money will always answer calls to where it is likely to be available free of charge. Continue reading Is Miracle Money From God or the Devil?

Is Marriage Workable Today?

image of marriage

What Is God’s definition of Marriage?

God defined marriage from the beginning as a union between a man and a woman. After allowing Adam, who was his replica in physical form to name all the animals he created in the Garden of Eden; which comprised of male and female species. God saw that Adam equally needed a help meat to join him tend the garden and converse with when not working. So out of the rib of Adam, God made woman. Adam woke up from the surgery table of the Almighty to behold a beautiful replica of him with refined features and breath-taking curves which was irresistible. He called her Eve! A name which was an expression of love, appreciation, friendship and companionship.  Though naked and without clothing, Adam and Eve did not see their nakedness because of the love feature of their creation. Continue reading Is Marriage Workable Today?

A First Class Attitude To Life

Attitude Bob

Most people grow up with a complex problem which is either inherited or self imposed. For the rest of their lives they make themselves social misfits. If you check their language, they have more of “ it is only the rich who can make it in this society” or “ you need  connection to break through”. By their own words they set limitations which obviously hinder their progress in life. They  never stop for a while to critically examine the Bible or ask God Almighty questions concerning their present circumstances.

Whilst everyone around them is progressing, they become stagnant! Some people they probably started life with now own cars and landed properties. Their own excuse will be to give you a million reasons why mother luck has not shown on their lives. Continue reading A First Class Attitude To Life

African Women, Wigging Themselves To Hell?

African Women

The fad now where ever you look is to see an African woman or girl draping long hair to compliment their natural God given beauty. Over the past twenty-years, the demand by African women for long flowing hair has created a multi-million dollar business for companies all over the world. The demand is in two segments; synthetically engineered hair and natural human hair. The latter is five times more costly! In countries like Nigeria, which has the largest population of black Africans in the world, hair wigs as either attachments or weave-on has become a fashion must have item for most women. The same trend replicates itself across the black African race across the world including the United States of America and the UK. Those human hairs bought from India and other Asian countries carry demons from their various shrines and temples. The ones from Brazil are not different either, so any one who purchases this hair and attach it to their head, becomes spiritually linked to the original owners! It’s a tough war for deliverance gospel ministers who are burdened to set these captives free.  Continue reading African Women, Wigging Themselves To Hell?