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A Christmas Cry From My 15 year old

Paul is the last of five children, at the age of fifteen he towers above other members of the family at six feet two inches. His lanky frame and teenage face exposes his venerability. At that height and with the right diet he could be a famous basketball player – we use that to tease him. His uttermost desire is to roundup his senior high school and attends college in the United States. I support him whole heartedly! Study hard and make the grades in the public exams and your dream could come true – was my encouragement to him. But this Christmas eve, Paul was busy crying himself out without my knowledge. Continue reading A Christmas Cry From My 15 year old


Why TB.Joshua Will Not Appear In Court ?

TB Joshua 2

It may not be the best of times for Prophet TB Joshua, as he battles with  the spiritual and physical forces employed to ridicule him as a man of God. My heart does go out to him as it would for any genuine Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world. The tragedy at the SCOAN headquarters on September 12, 2014 is playing out to be a test of the supernatural versus the natural.  For more than twenty-five years, TB. Joshua has been operating in the supernatural. The gift of discerning of spirits combined with extra-ordinary healing and deliverance practice has pitched him against the evil kingdom controlled by Satan.  Continue reading Why TB.Joshua Will Not Appear In Court ?

How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was Trapped By Satan

The Cultist Man with Prophet JeremiahAfter His deliverance by Prophet Jeremiah

The times we are in are perilous and a warning to all Christians that want to make it to Heaven not to be unguarded. We should not be quick to judge or criticize, especially, where it concerns those chosen to handle the mantle of God on earth. In recent times, men of God have become the target of evil attacks which is meant to ridicule their calling and ministries. The divorce case of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the General Overseer of Christ Embassy, is one of many faith shaking events happening in God’s Kingdom. Ordinarily no one would have butted an eyelid, but for the fact that Pastor Chris is a major man of God with worldwide influence on millions of Christians. His influence on young people is phenomenal and any dent on his image would have negative impact on their perception of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was Trapped By Satan

Nigeria: Habila Shot for Refusing to Deny Jesus – Reblog The Voice of the Martyrs

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Nigeria: Habila Shot for Refusing to Deny Jesus
October 2014 Newsletter

Listen to Habila’s story in his own words…

The pounding on the door was followed by the sound of men yelling for Habila to come out with his family.

Habila rushed to get dressed. When he entered the front room with his wife, Vivian, and their young son close behind, he faced intruders wearing robes and masks. One was armed with an AK-47. Habila said a short prayer to the Lord.

After announcing that they were there to do the work of Allah, the men began to question Habila. They asked him his name, his profession, whether he was a policeman or in the military, and whether he was a Christian or Muslim.

“I am a Christian,” he replied.

Vivian was terrified, knowing the men were members of Boko Haram.

The intruders told Habila that they were giving him…

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If Jesus Was Me, What would he do?There is no Bible believing Christian who wouldn’t be disturbed by the unfolding events in the House of God. We have become more worldly than the world by flaunting the blessing of God in our lives. Where we are to impact humanity with our substance, we prefer to lavish it on our earthly desires. Are all these desires in sync with our calling into the priesthood of Jesus Christ?  Do you ever stop a while to ask yourself the question, if Jesus Christ was me, would he do what I am doing now? Probably not, because the answer may be in contrast to your present life style. Continue reading IF JESUS WAS ME, WHAT WOULD HE DO? Part 1 extract

SCOAN Building Collapse : Who Planned To Disgrace TB Joshua?

Picture of Plane At SCOAN

The body of Christ has to rise up and fight the spiritual agents sent from the pit of hell to discredit the servants of God in the discharge of their earthly duties. All those who rejoice in the calamity of others, should be ready to face their own calamity sooner than expected. I was at my prayer mountain when I saw the internet headlines of one of the popular tabloids in Nigeria, The Punch newspaper, on the SCOAN building collapse. Surprised and shocked is an under statement, by the time I went to Google the news, the whole incident was a washed with the good, the bad and the ugly. My heart bled for these generation of hypocrites and self opinionated individuals. The rot in the attack on this man of God took a worst turn when the search took me to the blog TB Joshua Watch, these are a group of individuals who specializes in picking the spec of dust on the eyes of the man of God, but leaving theirs to build up to blindness! Beware Continue reading SCOAN Building Collapse : Who Planned To Disgrace TB Joshua?


Images of Britain 1

This message is a clarion call to all Christians not to ignore or wave aside the recent happenings in the world. Since 2010, the world has been witnessing strange happenings in every nation and all of these point to Matt.24.7  “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.”  These words were spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ to his followers.  To those who are of the world, it is strange happenings, but those who are of God’s Kingdom -it’s the beginning of the end time prophecies. So we as believers of Christ have to start putting our houses in order since we neither know the date or time of Christ coming. Continue reading SAME SEX MARRIAGE: THE SEXUAL ABOMINATION OF THE ENDTIME!