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God Love Muslims, Not The ‘God’ They Worship!

The world is truly in chaos as many end time prophecies are daily showing up as signs in the heavens or destruction on earth. Since the beginning of 2017, there is a flooding of people testifying of their dream encounters … Continue reading

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When Fake News Becomes Real News!

We live in times when so much is happening at the same time all over the world. Taking in so much information and sifting it to know which one is real or fake has become a challenge for the minds … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Is The Son Of Lucifer, Says The LORD!

The world has never been so shaken politically, socially, economically and psychologically as when Donald Trump contested and won the Presidency of the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America. His presidency was greeted with protests all over … Continue reading

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Rapture To Happen Second-Half 2017-Christians Be Ready!

Brethren, I come to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the grace of the Ancient of Days. After several days in His presence (both my family and I) fasting and praying; here is the Message of … Continue reading

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The Price Of Being A Christian

“I ENJOYED MAKING CHRISTIANS UNHAPPY”: THE STORY OF AN ISLAMIC LAWYER WHO WAS CONVERTED BY JESUS HIMSELF: —————————————— HAJIA BINTA FARUK’S CONVERSION STORY I was born into the Muri kingdom, which is mostly Fulani. My mother, Hajia Aminat Jalingo, is … Continue reading

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Endtime Prophesy Fulfilled As TB Joshua Relocates To Israel

The end is surly here with us and there is no going back, we know not the time and the day, but Jesus Christ is closer to the earth than any of us can imagine. Many don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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Christians Awake, The Gate of Hell Is Now Open!

Millions of Christians all over the world may be wondering what is happening to our world; the truth of the matter is that Jesus Christ has left the sixth heaven and he is marching towards the earth heaven – the … Continue reading

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The Exposure of The Double Lives Of Some Men of God.

The trending news all over the social and mainstream media is the exposure of the double lives of some men of God; this should not come to you as a shock neither a surprise! The One who chose them out … Continue reading

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Bushiri Anchors Apostle Felix in USA

Shepherd Bushiri, popularly known as Major 1, the multi-millionaire young Prophet  of this generation has made good his desire to have an anchor point in  North America. It is now fully confirmed that the rising Wiseman of the Prophet, a … Continue reading

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The Cobweb of Trials of Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Jesus Christ told his disciples before his ascension that anyone who follows him must be ready to face persecution and humiliation, especially, if you are a mantle carrier! He said the world would hate you because they hated him before … Continue reading

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