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Apostle Felixoss Starts With A Bang!

Apostle Felixoss at ECGPopularly referred to as the “last born” of Prophet Bushiri, the upcoming Apostle has over the years demonstrated loyalty and obedience to his mentor and Father in the Lord. Leaning on the shoulders of the popular Prophet known as Major-1, Apostle Felixoss, has been growing with an anointing that is seeing the sick healed the lame are walking and the broken hearted are full of joy. It was not so at the beginning, like every dutiful servant the young Apostle started out holding the microphone for those whom the Prophet was prophesying to in the cause of ECG church services. He was so visible at every Church service that people easily related with him.

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Bushiri Anchors Apostle Felix in USA

ubert Angel and Apostle Felixosis

Shepherd Bushiri, popularly known as Major 1, the multi-millionaire young Prophet  of this generation has made good his desire to have an anchor point in  North America. It is now fully confirmed that the rising Wiseman of the Prophet, a vibrant and humble youthful Apostle, called Felixioss Huious, is now the anchor point of the American branch of ECG, the ministry arm of Shepherd Bushiri.

Like John, the beloved of Jesus Christ, whom a lot was revealed to in order to carry the mantle of revelation of the gospel. Apostle Felixioss Huious is a truly beloved of the multi-millionaire prophet, he has over the years enjoyed a senior brother guardianship and a spiritual mentorship. The result is manifesting in the various assignments, Major-1, has been sending him to accomplish both in South Africa and the USA. Continue reading Bushiri Anchors Apostle Felix in USA

Bushiri’s Youthful Wiseman, Apostle Felix Huious!

Apostle Felix
Apostle Felix Huious of ECG Church, Pretoria SA

The mystery of God is that his selection always contradicts the mindset of carnal man. While God looks at the spirit behind the selection, man looks at the physical and background appearance to make a choice; here is where man’s selection always fails! Some years ago, I got a facebook friendship request from a young man called Apostle Felix Huious. Something in my spirit lit up seeing a relatively youngster, probably the age of my second children who happen to be twins, on fire for Jesus Christ. The perversion that is causing havoc in this generation leaves little hope for them to connect body, soul and spirit with the Most High God. But here was a Jeremiah generation in the making.

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