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The Cobweb of Trials of Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Johnson Suleman

Jesus Christ told his disciples before his ascension that anyone who follows him must be ready to face persecution and humiliation, especially, if you are a mantle carrier! He said the world would hate you because they hated him before you, but be of good cheer. He said his joy he leaves with you not as the world gives; but you must be a Peter to enjoy this joy and not a Judas Iscariot! Every Peter is given the grace and must burn off the inglorious cobweb of test trials in their front.

The present national and international travails of Nigerian based vocal apostle, Johnson Suleiman, does little to add to the credibility of the Church! What the Church of Christ need now is Holy Spirit revival in our homes, communities, towns and cities to create a rebound of the depleting souls in God’s Kingdom. Rightly or wrongly, the internet through the social media is causing havoc in the household of faith, because many hidden secrets of revered servants of God are making world headlines, rather than salvation and holiness stories. Continue reading The Cobweb of Trials of Apostle Johnson Suleiman

When God Humbles You – The Idah Peterside Story

pastor idah and Emi Peterside
Pastor Idah & Emi Peterside

At first glance, Pastor and Mrs Idah Peterside, look as any normal perfect couple would; loving and full of life! At least that was my perception, when in 2013, I came across their outreach satellite Channel known as ATV, an arm of the ministry popular referred to as Christ Ambassadors Church, in South Africa. His fiery messages and aggression to the kingdom of darkness attracted me to his channel. His loving wife had her place of honour by the left side of the minister’s stand. She went about her normal duties on the pulpit either praying or preaching to the congregation.  The members fondly referred to their pastor’s wife as Mma Emi. Behind the smiles and gentleness of Mrs Emi Idah Peterside was lurking an evil wind of disability waiting to strike. By the middle of 2014, the paralyzing evil arrow had shown its ugly head and Pastor Idah’s wife had become completely blind and incapacitate. After a prolong absence from the minister’s corner, her subsequent return brought with it helping hands to the pulpit. Continue reading When God Humbles You – The Idah Peterside Story

Can I live In The Mist Of Pain & Sorrow?

I remember some years ago, my attention was caught by a book entitled “If Life Was All Joy, Why Am I Sad?”. I bought the book and began to read it. It changed my perception of life and the great expectation in it.
This message is to tel you that in the mist of pain and sorrow – God is alive in it. We have to give him the chance to ease our pains and wipe away our sorrow! Jesus Christ, the son of God in human flesh like you and I , bore pain of a dimension you can never bear and sorrow that almost took away the plan of Almighty God for man kind. For your sake, he told the Father, “ Let your will be done and not my will.” (Isaiah 53:1-8, Luke 22:42)
What is that pain that you have been carrying around, that has put you in doubt of God’s love for you? Continue reading Can I live In The Mist Of Pain & Sorrow?