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Phillips Eteng Ministries is an amalgamation of the various arms of Evangelist Phillips Eteng’s gospel outreach. These arms are the multimedia unit consisting of  publications, television, radio and internet. The crusades arm, made up of outreach, prayer and teaching ministries.

The Man of God, Phillips Eteng, was born on  July, 1963, to Ubi and Maria Etowan. The last male child of his mother and of his polygamous family of twelve children. He was a destiny child that was well loved by his father, mother and his other siblings. His mother introduced him to prayers at an early age and when he was seven years old, he began to lead prayers in an evangelical pre-teen group in his community.

His grandfather, on the father’s side was one of three Church elders that brought Christianity in 1907 to their mainly rural farming community of Ugep, in Nigeria’s Cross River State, in the South South area of the country. The Church which is of the Presbyterian faith celebrated 100 years of Christianity in the town in 2007. His grandfather, on the mother’s side was a marine priest.  An opposite contrast to his paternal roots.

In 1975, aged twelve, he lost his father to the cold hands of death. His elder sister, Nko, then took him to Lagos –  where he completed his primary and secondary education.

In 1992, God arrested the Man of God, through his first son, who happens to be a twin.  Eight months after he was born, he was crippled by satanic attack.  This singular  action made him and his wife, Grace, to give their lives to Christ at Assemblies of God Church  in Calabar, Nigeria. In November 1993, God restored life to the dead limbs of their  first son, Okoi.  In November again of 1995, through a prophetic utterance  during a change of pulpit , God through a visiting pastor prophesy into his ministry before the congregation of the Church.

On September, 1997, God Almighty called him to heaven in a vision and  gave him a ministry. By December of that same year, he received instructions to raise an altar for God in Ugep, his hometown, and the heavens opened with showers of rain to wash away the ancient and new blood sacrifices of the town during a dry season.  Since then there has been relative peace and progress in the town. This climaxed into a crusade tagged “Ugep For Jesus Victory Crusade 98”, the first crusade ever organized by the Servant of God  just as he was shown in a vision.  At the end of the Ugep crusade, the Holy Spirit dropped the name of Kurra as the venue of his next crusade. It took him six months to locate Kurra, located in Plateau State, which is just three hours from Abuja in the Northern part of Nigeria. The mystery of locating Kurra was the confirmation by God that He was the one uprooting him and his family to Abuja city.

God relocated him fully to Abuja in 1998, to carry on with the gospel Ministry. In December, 13th 2007, He held a fire revival crusade in Kurra Falls, Plateau State, where stars rained from the heavens. It took him almost ten years to fulfill the mandate of organizing a second crusade. Evangelist Phillips Eteng published his first Christian book titled ” SOW & GROW RICH: The Secret of Sharing Your Tithe for Prosperity” in 2011. His second book entitled ” IF JESUS WAS ME, WHAT WOULD HE DO?” was released into the amazon kindle market in July 2014.  He only does what Jesus Christ instructs him to do on earth. Praise the Lord. Amen


3 thoughts on “My Profile”

  1. Good morning

    I am Deborah from South Africa.I just want to thank God for choosing you and as well as thanking you for allowing God to use you. Please continue your biblical messages and warnings as they benefit those who are interested in Jesus like me. Expose satan’ works in this world so that world can be a better place

    1. Thank you, Deborah. I am glad that my blog is having positive impact. I pray each day for the grace to be inspired more by the Holy Spirit to expose the gross darkness of the times that we are in, because Jesus Christ, the Messiah is nearer than we think.

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