2020 The Year of The Holy Ghost


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We thank the Almighty God for keeping us alive to enter into a new decade, the year 2020. While previous years have been challenging to say the least, what should we expect in this double digits year? 

Your spiritual life must be fine tuned for you to record success in your endeavors this year. There will be lots of spiritual challenges to any Jesus Christ follower.

The times are evil, but with the presence of the Holy Ghost, believers that connect will surely overcome. The mystery of 2020 will be the instant judgement that will befall implementers of evil agendas, none will escape the wrath of God in the year.

Many hitherto moribound destinies will be rekindled by the fire of the Holy Spirit to those who derserve it. This year many will know that God does not delay in answering prayers, as they have previously believed.

The kingdom of darkness will in 2020 push it’s agenda of sexual immorality to a dangerous level. It will attack the world with more spirit of homosexuality to spite Christians and further provoke God.

The presence of the anti-christ, who is already in the world will gradually be revealed through his utterances this year. Many Christians will be shocked by the number of anti-christ activities all over the nation’s of the world.

Brethren 😇, many upright men will loose the ring of protection over their heads, because of secret sin and the world will see their shame.

Remember, we are in the last days. Witness to a soul this year.


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