Jesus Revisit Nazerath With TB Joshua.


Israel will never be the same again after the two days meeting at Mount Presipice, located in Nazerath with world renowned televangelist, Prophet TB Joshua.
The Christian event was organized by the Nigerian based satellite Channel Emmanuel TV, an arm of TB Joshua’s ministry with over one million YouTube subscribers worldwide.
While the Western media tried to stereotype the significance of the event, by describing the miracles as exorcism. The impact on the average Nazerane was overwhelming.

A tour operator confessed to reporters that he had before the meeting believed Jesus was an history book story. But what he saw, made him realize that the name carried power beyond human imagination!

Nazerath is located in Northern Israel and highly populated by Muslims. The place being the dwelling place of Mary and Joseph, the earthly parents of Jesus Christ, is the birth place of Christianity.

The pastor of a Church based in Nazerath stated that for the first time the name of Jesus Christ was proclaim all over the city, a fait that could not be done for thousands of years since his departure to heaven.

He added that, he saw the name of Jesus healing people and the lame walked; the blind saw and demon possessed with delivered. He concluded that Jesus Christ came alive again to minister to the people of Nazerath.

The Mayor of Nazerath, Ali Salaam resisted all efforts to force him to call off the Meeting by Christian and Muslim clergy.

During the second day of the Meeting in Nazerath,TB Joshua revealed to the crowd of more than fifty nations that Emmanuel TV partners renovated the Mount Prespice Amphitheater.


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