Plans To Frustrate TB Joshua’s Israel Crusade!

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Nazerath, the City, that was home to Jesus Christ for thirty-three years is on the news again. A group known as the Sallam Coalition, has starred up the people of Nazareth against TB Joshua’s first ever crusade in Israel. Most of its members are Churches operating in Nazareth, except the Catholic Church, which has distance itself from the group planned disruption of the crusade.

The people of this city resisted Jesus Christ and because of that he could not perform as much miracles as he did in other cities of Israel two thousand plus years ago.

This resistance made Jesus Christ to make that famous statement “a prophet is without honour in his home country”.

Unfortunately, the present gang up to thwart TB Joshua’s June 23-24th Nazerath crusade is a plot from the pit of hell. The plot has already failed because God has taken charge of this end time crusade by the last major Prophet.

The flow of power on those attending the program and over Nazerath will overwhelm even the cynics.

The crusade is a partnership with the Mayor of Nazareth, whom lobbyist from both the Christian and Islamic coalition are telling to ban.

The Mayor has remained silent and has mobilized the police to secure all the roads leading to Mount Prescipice, the venue of this major event into the end time calendar.

Christians should pray for the crusade in Nazareth with Prophet TB Joshua. Your prayer seed will  go a long way to disgrace the devil and his agents in Nazareth.

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