The Powers Against Bushiri & ECG

Prophet Bushiri and  wife

The recent travails of the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s led ECG Church based in Pretoria, South Africa, is orchestrated by evil forces from two polarities.
In little less than three months, the Church has lost six members in accident induced deaths. The first one was the music leader, who died in an auto crash with two others late 2018, barely have they finished grieving that a rain storm caused a stampede at Pretoria Show Ground (ECG Church worship center). Three worshippers died in that unfortunate incident.
Why is this happening at this particular time of the Prophet life and ministry? It is a lesson to all who are called into the prophetic and deliverance ministries, that your confidence should not be in the demonstration of power and it’s gains, but that your names are written in heaven.
The spiritual gang up against Prophet Bushiri and ECG are from the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in Cape Town. They are hell bent in destroying ECG, inorder to stop its growth in South Africa, especially, as Prophet Bushiri is not an indigent.
These are the same evil forces that were responsible for the building collapse at SCOAN, the Prophet TB Joshua’s led Church in Lagos, Nigeria. Most of the casualties were South Africans.
What this evil marine powers hunger for is to see the man of God or his wife cry openly, so that another accident will be added to cause more grief!
The mistake the people at Prophetic Channel, the television arm of the ECG ministry, did was show Mary Bushuri crying when the news of the first accident happened. It should have been left as a private affair not exposed to the public.
A lesson should have been learnt from how Prophet TB Joshua handled that first tragedy that hit his Church on September 11th,2014. The Bible tells us that we war not against flesh and blood, but against powers that are present in our realm of existence. God Almighty often allow things to happen, where his servants are involved to humble that servant, inorder to bring him back on track again.
Our immediate and remote reaction have a leading in check-mating a re-occurrence of similar incidence. The devil and his operators rejoice and dance in celebration when calamities befall the servants of God and their congregation.
Brethren, let us continue in prayers and intercession for Church leaders and the family of God.

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