Jesus or Jesus Christ, What Difference?


A once saw a dream where I was being attacked, the first name I called was Jesus, but nothing happened. I wondered why the name did not get me out of that trouble. In another dream, I was wrestling with the spirit of death. The wrestling took place on a road junction, as I fell down on the ground, the spirit of death was battling to enter into me; part of its body up to the waistline was inside me. I struggled with all my strength not to allow the rest of its body enter into me from the waist up to my head. I called on the name of Jesus for help, but nothing happened!

Suddenly,  a voice inside the dream told me to cover the spirit of death I was battling to overpower with the blood of Jesus. Instantly, I told the spirit, I cover you with the blood of Jesus; like lightening, it disappeared and I got my victory that night. What could have been my case, if that spirit of death had overpowered me in that dream? I pondered on this when I awoke from that sleep.

In the course of life, I have desired to know why each time I called on the name of Jesus, the battles in the dream continue to rage against me. Is it because of my sins or am not invoking the power in the name of Jesus in my dreams! In a life threatening car accident I was involved in some years ago; I shouted the name of Jesus twice nothing happened, the third shout was what halted the passenger car from falling into a ditch. Everyone came out of that car unscratched.

The name of Jesus has been so commonly used that the real power in that name is lost when we need it the most. People insult the name of Jesus without consequences. What then is the name of Jesus that is revered in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth? When you call that name the way it should be called, things begin to happen!


It dawn on me recently that anybody can be named Jesus and there are people who are called by that named, even in biblical times. Millions of  Christians make the same mistake of incomplete name call of Jesus, without the Christ that distinguishes him from all other names. Your are just calling a name.

I have discovered that the power evoked when you call Jesus Christ is so awesome that your body may begin to vibrate. The Bible clearly states that at the mention of the name Jesus Christ, all powers in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth must bow! Jesus himself said whatever you ask in His name, he will do it! (John 14:13-14)

Brethren, the true name of Our Lord and Saviour is, Jesus Christ and not Jesus. The Christ distinguishes him from all earthly names. So learn to call and hold on to that sacred name in your life journey.  The devil has tried to deny Christians the power in the true name given by God Almighty to his Son. The Antichrist cannot mention the name of Jesus Christ neither can occult people.

Evangelist Phillips Eteng 







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