Nigeria’s 100,000 Capacity Church Controversy


It is no longer news! What is claimed to be the biggest worship dome in the world has be completed by the Nigeria based Pentecostal ministry, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, based in Abuja, the country’s capital. The Church headed by a medical doctor turned preacher, Dr. Paul Enenche and  his equally medical wife, Becky, has been in existence since 1996. The Church has several branches in Nigeria and a presence in the United Kingdom.

The commissioning dedication witnessed some notable Pentecostal preachers among whom were Pastor Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church,  American revivalist Morris Cerullo and a host of other Ministers of the Gospel across the world. The “Glory Dome” is located in a place the Church founder christened “The Lord’s Garden” located along the Abuja airport expressway.

Morris Cerullo

Many critics have questioned the building of such an edifice in a perilous times as such the world is experiencing, especially, with the heavy persecution of Christians across nations. One very vocal radio critic, stated that such a gigantic auditorium in the midst of the poverty capital of the world, makes little or no sense, when the Church other branches can absorb its congregation.

In his fierce response, the Church founder, Pastor Enenche accused the radio critic of being an antichrist, because of his past record of criticizing prominent men of God in Nigeria. He said, the On-Air-Personality (OAP) had no legacy to his name!

Is God Involve In this 100,000 Capacity Church Auditorium? 

The answer is no, God gave a message in July, 2017 that men of God should stop building large Church auditoriums, because his presence is not there! That the souls dwelling in these auditoriums have been taken over by the devil. God pointed out that it is the pleasure of the world of money that is responsible for such feat!

God knows the number of those in that large auditorium that really belong to him. We, in these part of the world, whom God has seen fit to entrust the gospel to for these generation should learn from the empty church auditoriums of Europe and America.

I was recently in shock, when Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations fame, owners of Emmanuel TV, the world largest viewed Christian network, told his worldwide congregations that God told him to dismantle a twenty-thousand plus overflow tents in his vast Church in Lagos. This is coming barely two weeks from the commissioning of the Dunamis 100,000 capacity Church in Abuja.

The announcement of the closure of the overflow tents at the SCOAN in Lagos is like a nightmare for the thousands who throng the Ikotun Egbe premises every Sunday for the gospel.

God is not an author of confusion, but of orderliness and obedience. We are in the end times and soon people will not be worshipping in Church buildings because of the antichrist decrees. Brethren, let us continue to pray for the Church and our leaders to hear and do the will of God and not their own will.


One thought on “Nigeria’s 100,000 Capacity Church Controversy”

  1. Hmmmmmm… God have mercy on His Church and save us. The church these days have become more dangerous than the world. There’s virtually no hope of SALVATION in the church these days. We really need to pray.

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