Anita Absent At Sharon Oyakhilome’s Wedding


The wedding of the first daughter of the world renown Minister of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Christ Embassy fame, was truly a royal wedding with attendance from all over the world. Sharon, the first born of the Chris Oyakhilome clan, is the fruit of his marriage to his now estranged wife, Anita. 

Over the past twenty plus years, Pastor Chris has built the Christ Embassy brand into one of the well known ministries in the world. He has an online following of more than 25 million people across the world, having developed a daily bible study manual known as the Rapsody Of Realities. The devotional is translated into almost two hundred world languages, making it easier to reach people from different clime.

Sharon Oyakhilome’s wedding which was supposed to be a demonstration of love in fellowship of Christ, the reconciler. Showed the stubborn nature of man not to forgive and forget the past. The absence of her mother, Anita, in all the public proceedings of the wedding was a minus to the forgiveness nature of the Christian faith. As her first born that opened her womb, she should have been there openly for her daughter, Sharon.

Anita’s absence was further made more pronounced when the officiating Minister, Pastor Benny Hinn, asked for Sharon’s mother if she is around to join wives of pastors to circle the newly wed for intercessory prayers. He waited for a while, before Pastor Tom, a Christ Embassy minister whispered to him to continue.

One take home from the Sharon Oyakhilome’s wedding was the anointing touch of her father, Pastor Chris, before the worldwide audience, this sent the couple falling on the altar. They were left lying powerlessly on the altar while prayers from Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris continued with the attendees! Our prayer is that with that touch the spirit of divorce has been sent packing from their life.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is seen above walking his first daughter to the altar to hand her over to Phillip Frimpong, her husband. Pastor Benny Hinn backing the cameron looks on.



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