Prophet Bushiri Loses Worship Leader,James Nee!


The worship leader of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri church, the ECG,  based in Pretoria, South Africa is dead. Apart from the Prophet himself, the second most visible person in the Church is James Nee, the worship leader.

In an emotion ladden announcement by Bushiri, the worship leader died with two others in an auto crash in Malawi, their home country. James Nee, according to the ECG founder has been a great partner in soul winning to Christ.

The passion in which the late worship leader sings to create a Holy Spirit filled atmosphere is to say the least, awesome. Millions of Prophetic Channel television viewers across the world cannot easily forget this energetic young multi-instrumentalist.

Many people will ask so many questions about the demise of Mr Nee, who is still in his prime. Some will say the Prophet should have seen the auto accident coming and thus warn his worship leader to be careful. Since he has the prophetic gift to see beyond human sight!

Brethren, this is God proving himself again to all his earthly ministers not to boast of the gift, but remain focused on the giver of the gift. It is in times of such tragedies that we see our powerlessness in life’s journey. Material opulence will not get us to heaven, but using the gift freely to transform the lives of God’s people without charge.

James Nee, the late ECG leader used his musical talent to affect lives without charge by the words of the songs he sang to a world wide audience. His godly music will continue to re-echo in the hearts of Christ believers until Jesus himself appears again.

What are using that God’s given talent for? Is it to enrich the people of God or yourself? Life is only a breath,  but death is permanent. No man knows the day or hour of his earthly departure, let us be sober and do all to stand against the evil of this present darkness.

Evangelist Phillips Eteng


2 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri Loses Worship Leader,James Nee!”

  1. Good morning
    The accident happen in South Africa early hours of Tuesday @ 4am on N1 road next to Makahdo.They were driving from Malawi back to Johannesburg

  2. i was touched by your song God used u to touch the heart of many
    now is the time for you to see ur God face to face
    and worship him face to face.thank u God for giving has a great singer

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