That Ancient Padlock Must Open!


Ancient padlock (2)



The question many Christians often asked themselves regarding promises in breakthrough and healing scriptures is: I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, old things have passed away, why all these frustrations, barrenness, poverty, stagnation and etc? I pray, fast and pay tithe to the Church, yet I am only surviving, why? Look at me, I am not married, I have no wife or husband at this age, what have I done to deserve it?

The truth of the scenario that you have been through in life is that ancient chains locked with padlock are still intact, some chains have been broken as a result of your prayers and fasting and charity, but the bulk of the chains are still intact. Today, those bulk chains with multiple padlocks will be opened with one master Key in the name of Jesus Christ, and will never be closed again or locked in Jesus name. (Isaiah 45: 1-2; Jer 29:10-13, Duet 28:1-2)

Where are these ancient padlocks located?  ( Eph. 6: 12)

1. On the ground                 (Gen 8:21)

2.  In the sky                        (Ex.9:33)

3.  In the sea and rivers      (Isaiah 23: 4,12)

4.  Beneath the earth          (Isaiah 14:9)

5.  In living Trees                 (Judges 9:8,14,15)

6.  In Ancient Temples        (Proverb 22:28, Eze 36:2)

7.  In Altars                         ( 2 Chron 34:4, Eze 6:4-5)



In whom do These Ancient padlocks operate?

1.  Families with links to former juju priests or priestesses

2.  Families with links to idol worship

3.  Families with links to head hunters

4.  Families with links to maternal witchcraft

5.  Families with links to Kingship

6.  Families with links to Masquerade Cult

7.  Families with links to War Lords     


(Music Interlude: Warfare Praise)


Prayer #1

1.        Every inherited problem from my father’s and mother’s house catch fire now in Jesus name.

2.        O’Lord arise and scatter every demon of evil inheritance in my family.

3.        Whatever agreement, covenant, oaths, dedication that was made in exchange for anything by my ancestors, I nullify it in Jesus name.

4.        I renounce all satanic dedications done on my behalf in Jesus name.


How destinies are padlocked and Keys thrown away?

The ministry of the devil is to steal to kill and to destroy. Mankind has sinned and

come short of the glory of God, it is the sinful nature of man that put our destinies

in the hands of the devil and his agents. Every human being born of a woman on

earth is linked to one foundation or another. The covenant, oath, agreement and dedications made by the founder of the linage is what has locked many families destines. (Gen 11: 26,28,30)

Destinies are locked through the following:

1.  Blood oath

2.  Exchange of goods

3.  Sexual Pollution

4.  Initiations

5.  Worship

6.  Words

7.  Dreams

(Music Interlude: Warfare praise)


What is The Way Out of that Ancient Padlock?

There is only one master padlock and one master key that when it opens, no man

can close again, his name is Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the light. Unless your forefathers knew him and accepted him as their personal Lord and Savior, then your battle as the fifth or seventh generation believer will not be so fierce. But if you are the first, second, third or fourth generation believer than be ready for tonight’s battle to open that evil padlock. All the chains connected by that padlock must be loose tonight.

If you here and not born again or are holding a grudge against anyone, I invite you now to reconcile with Jesus Christ and make peace with your heart. No man goes to war entangled with civilian pursuits. Raise your hand and let me pray with you, before we enter the battle field.

(Music Interlude: worship song)


Prayer #2   (Everyone should drop the keys to their padlock on the ground)

1.  My father My God, I redeem myself by the blood of Jesus from all ancient 

     foundations and curses.

2.  Every mark of marine spirits and serpentine spirit inside of me, be covered

     with the fire of the Holy Ghost.

3.  Holy Ghost fire pass through my body, my soul and my spirit now.

4.  Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, show me the master key that opens that ancient

     padlock that has locked my family’s destiny and glory.

     (Everyone should pick up their keys from the ground and left it up to heaven)

    (Music Interlude: “Victory ahead, O victory ahead through the blood of Jesus,

    victory ahead. Trusting in the Lord, I hear the conquering thread, by faith I see

    the victory ahead” )

5. My Father, My God, lead me to that ancient master padlock that has locked my

    destiny and that of my family in Jesus name.

    (Music Interlude: “We’re able to go up and take the country to possess the land

     from Abuja to the sea, though the giants may be on our way to hinder, God will

     surly give us victory.”)


   Your Pray is:  O’ Lord, this is the final hurdle. I am not going back to

   Egypt again; I have crossed the heart of the red sea, I have wondered in the

   wilderness of life, the walls of Jericho have crumbled in my life. It is now time to

  possess my possession according to God’s plan for my destiny.


   [Fix your master key into the master padlock]


   Your Pray is:  O’Lord, as this master key has entered into these

   ancient master padlock from my foundation, I,………name………….. , the son/daughter of

   ………………..Father………, the grandchild of………..grandfather……….. hereby in the name of Jesus Christ,

   open permanently my:

 1.       Financial Vault of Prosperity in dollars, pounds and naira currency

2.        Business breakthrough and promotion

3.        Good Health

4.        Spiritual Upliftment

5.        Bareness

6.        Marriage

7.        Family Education


Open that ancient master padlock NOW, in the name of Jesus Christ. Receive your freedom and liberty from the Holy Spirit.

[ Praise Song: “ Victory, victory, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Victory, victory, hallelujah, Jesus conquer the devil match am, match am!”]


Evangelist Phillips Eteng


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