Light-Up Darkness 2018 Project

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Join us as we mobilize support for the LIGHT-UP DARKNESS project in communities across the world. It is a true fact that the poor are getting poorer and many people are departing from the Christian faith. What is usually taken for granted in the Western World is a luxury in the developing and under-developed part of the earth. Millions of humanity are under heavy bondage through no fault of their own. God, our creator has placed us in a position of help to those in dire need.

The LIGHT-UP DARKNESS project as embraced by this blog is to raise funds through you God inspired donation to installed and commission an innovative 300 kW mini-hydro electric power plant for a disadvantaged community in the troubled North Central zone of Nigeria. The Northern region of the country has witnessed the likes of Boko Haram insurgence and terrorizing Fulani herdsmen, whose primary targets are Christian communities. Thousands of Christian blood has been spilled in the North Central zone over the years.

The spillover effect of this project is that other Communities in poor countries, with electric power challenges can benefit from the modular Mini-hydro power project.

Your donation will generate 300 kW 24/7 and Light-Up 1000 homes from Darkness. Support our efforts and share with the brethren. Every donation to a godly cause, is a credit to your heavenly account.

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