Obedience To Divine Instructions


“If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land;” Isa.1:19
Obedience is the key to happiness in every area of life endeavours. The one you are obeying is usually more experience than you or in a better position to advice you for your ultimate success. Most people prefer trial and error lifestyles rather than following laid down standards and when they experience disappointment, they look for whom to blame.

The Holy Scripture is full of the good fruits of obedience, which is supposed to be our yardstick for Christian living and lifestyle. A disciplined heart follows instructions to the latter. Gen.12:1-5

What Is Divine Instructions?
Divine instructions are rules engineered by God Almighty for the well being of His Children on earth. They contain step by step guard on what to do to achieve certain objectives in life. Obedience to the instructions never fails, because of the source of its origin. Below are the fruits of divine instructions:

1. BLESSINGS NEVER CEASES IN YOUR LIFE (Duet.28:1-14, Joshua 1:7,Gen 12:3-4 )
i) You become a carrier of the divine nature of God
ii) Impossibilities become possible
iii) Your lineage will be called blessed
iv) Visible Impact on the lives of others

2. CONTENTMENT (James 1:27, John 16:13, 1 Corinth 13:1-7, II Corinth 8:9-11)
i) Fulfillment
ii) Dependant on The Holy Spirit
iii) Charity
iv) Abundance

3. VICTORY OVER YOUR ENEMIES (Isa. 45:1-3, Isa 43:1-4, Psalm 140:1-3, Jer.50: 35-38)
i) Strongholds have no power over you
ii) Your word becomes assorted weapons of destruction

1. What is the cause of so many troubles in the life of the Christian?
2. Is God too strict with His instructions?
3. People who don’t obey God’s instructions succeed, why can’t I do it my own way?

Evangelist Phillips Eteng



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