Africans Exporting Real Gospel To Europe


The book, The Messenger of Faith, by Peter D Sabo is a timely piece of research work published at a time when the world of Christianity is battling to get a grip of the apocalyptic happenings around the nations. It is the first time in its more than two thousand years plus history many prophetic declarations of old are manifesting on a daily basis; which is a pointer to the end of the ages. If Jesus Christ should come for the rapture today, would he find enough people in the Kingdom he paid dearly to establish with his blood? This question has become crucial, because the decline of the Church in Europe and North America has become worrisome. The descendent of those who pushed the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond their frontiers into new climes such as Africa, India and China have relegated the salvation of Jesus Christ to the backdrop; and now a dark evil cloud is hovering over them.

The author has systematically explored the advent of the Gospel crusaders who came as missionaries from the Western World to impact Africa with the Jesus salvation message at the risk of their lives; such men as David Livingstone, Mango Park, Roland Bingham, Mary Selessor and a host of others. All were fulfilling the great commission to go forth and win souls for Christ. The descendent of these great men and women who shone the light of development and learning to Africa have degenerated so badly that their once thriving societies have become morally corrupt and polluted with evil vices. The book highlights the reversal missionary move by Africans to evangelize the children of those who brought the gospel to Africa; by sending missionaries to Europe to set up Churches, noting that gospel ministers from Nigeria run the two largest Churches in Europe to date.

The 188 page book has seven chapters covering a wide range of topics namely; Renewing the mind, Mission to Africa, Understanding the mandate, A Christian centred message, Major in Discipleship, Being the Medium and Mission from Africa. It is a book students of Theology and Christian religious studies will find extremely useful in the pursuit of their academic goals. The author flawlessly uses material references to buttress his point in order to bring the reader into a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by early missionaries. Emphasizing that the great gospel commission has not ended and still requires the twenty-first century Christian to have the mindset of soul winning as the basis of growing the Kingdom of God in our generation.

Each Chapter resonate a current, which has the ability to re-awaken the idle desire that has been lying dormant inside of you to go out and win souls for Christ anyway possible. But such adventure into the mission field according to the author should be under proper guidance. The author encourages the Messengers of Faith from Africa, which the book focuses on to know the mandate taking them out there to evangelize Europe and the rest of the world. Summarily put, know yourself and know your mandate and the message of salvation to your target group.

The author also highlighted the problem many Christians who may be interested in missionary work faces; the issue of discipleship, which has been a thorn in the African Church setting for decades. Many would be African missionaries often try to bypass discipleship training, a crucial component of every successful mission. He encourages potential will be Messengers of Faith from Africa to embrace discipleship in the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

The mindset you take to a mission field, according to the author, plays a vital role in your success or failure. Using the example of many an African Church that has sent missionaries out there to Europe, North America and the Far East; their inability to reach out to a cross-section of community of culturally different people have affected their congregational mix. What you end up with are congregations that are mainly Africans resident in those countries. It is only a handful of African Churches that have been able to command highly indigenous people following their ministries.

In conclusion, the book MESSENGERS OF FAITH from Africa is highly recommended, especially for all Christians of African descent. The book enriches the reader’s historical perspective of the spread of the gospel from the entry of Mark, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, with the gospel into Alexandria in Egypt through to Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, and Ethiopia. This book is worth every dollar spent on buying a copy! You can get it on PDF. To reserve your copy email me at

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