Apostle Felixoss Starts With A Bang!

Apostle Felixoss at ECGPopularly referred to as the “last born” of Prophet Bushiri, the upcoming Apostle has over the years demonstrated loyalty and obedience to his mentor and Father in the Lord. Leaning on the shoulders of the popular Prophet known as Major-1, Apostle Felixoss, has been growing with an anointing that is seeing the sick healed the lame are walking and the broken hearted are full of joy. It was not so at the beginning, like every dutiful servant the young Apostle started out holding the microphone for those whom the Prophet was prophesying to in the cause of ECG church services. He was so visible at every Church service that people easily related with him.

The year has started on a high note for Prophet Bushiri’s young Wiseman, Apostle Felixoss. Operating under the apostolic anointing, he was sent last year to organize and stabilize the North American branch of ECG, Prophet Shephard Bushiri Church arm. He dutifully carried out the assignment for the most part of 2017, before returning to Pretoria, South Africa where the Church headquarters is located.

Apostle Felixoss was recently sent to revive a branch of ECG Church at Klerksdorp in South Africa, and power move mightily in the cause of the service. Moving in the power of the Holy Spirit, he was able to minister to a woman whose family had spiritual problems using the first letters of the names of her family.

In a rare demonstration of power, the man of God, during the Church service prayed for people with HIV. A nurse was on ground with HIV test kits to confirm the before and after healing ministration. Many other sicknesses were healed while the young Apostle ministered to the large congregation.

In the year 2018, Christians are going to witness a rise in the supernatural power of God during ministration and up coming young ministers will light up the fire of revival. As Christians continue to suffer persecution, God Almighty will show himself more and more to the obedient servants of the gospel.


3 thoughts on “Apostle Felixoss Starts With A Bang!”

  1. All thanks to God for this blessing he gave to the world , he is not just an apostle but he is my brother and my father in spiritual life.

    To God be the Glory

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