Know God’s Judgment On Your Church

A church building

Many Christians are not aware that the Church they attend has already been judged. Unfortunately, many would find out at the end that heaven’s gate will be shut against them. It is a pity that Ministers of God, who are suppose to guide their congregation aright are the main culprit as Shepherds. They use charismatic preaching to spell bound their congregations and plenty of literature in the form of manuals to keep them busy. Rather than teach and preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ, many Pastors led their congregations away from the book of Revelation so that the truth of their ministries would not be revealed.

Worshippers have become fanatical of their Church pastors, prophets, evangelists, teachers and apostles; some are ready to defend them to high heavens should any criticism emerge. That is the shame of the modern day believer, who only studies what their pastors tell them to study in the Bible. In so doing many Bible secrets are hidden from them.

We are in the end days of the world, God want all true believers to begin to search and find out the judgment he has through Jesus Christ passed on their Churches. People should not be carried away by motivational teaching of the scriptures, the demonstration of power or signs and wonders, but study and make themselves approved by God.

The Holy Spirit took time to teach me that all the world churches are classified into seven groups. These group have already been judged and it is expected that worshippers are suppose to study these judgment and adjust themselves accordingly; so that when Jesus Christ appears they will not be condemned. Not only the congregation, but the Church leaders are suppose to know by their actions or inactions what the Lord’s judgment over them is using their seven church judgment!

The Lord is angry with Ministers who have avoided teaching these things to prepare the heart of God’s children and help them avoid sinkholes?

God has grouped all the world Churches into the Seven Churches below and stated their judgments accordingly;

1. The Church of Ephesus ……………….. Rev.2: 1 – 7

2. The Church of Smyrna ………………. Rev. 2: 8-11

3. The Church of Pergamos…………….Rev.2:12-17

4. The Church of Thyatira………………Rev.2:18-29

5. The Church of Sardis…………………Rev.3:1-6

6. The Church of Philadelphia………..Rev.3:7-13

7. The Church of Laodiceans………….Rev.3:14-22

Brethren, use the judgment Jesus Christ passed on the above listed churches to honestly place the church or denomination you belong to for your salvation. Call your Pastors or Church leaders to order based on the judgment contained in the seven churches, you will not be guilty of rebellion.

Any Ministry that does not want to take correction based on the judgment of Jesus Christ upon the seven churches, for the sake of your salvation and heavenly journey, change your transit train. Seek the right Church that meets up Jesus admonishment for change. Remember, it is better to be in the quality than in the quantity. Guard your salvation jealously, for it is better to enter heaven with one than two sinful eyes. The scriptures in 1 Peter 4: 17 –18, states; if the righteous are scarcely saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinners appear. For judgment must begin at the house of God.

Awake and arise Children of the Most High God and know where your Church is in the judgment of God!

Evangelist Phillips Eteng

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