God’s Message To Christians


Brethren, I salute you all in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God. I used this platform to release to you the message the LORD gave to me on the 1st July, 2017 concerning the rapture and end of the Christian world. This was among many messages the LORD gave to me on that fateful day; some of which have come to pass and others are still ongoing.

The unique attributes of this rapture messages were as follows;

1. Heaven’s calendar for the world ends in 2017

2. The remaining months of 2017 Might not end before the rapture takes place

3. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, was by the corner

4. Tell men of God to Prepare the saints for the rapture

5. Tell men of God carried by the pleasure of the world of money and big auditoriums, the souls dwelling in my auditorium have been taken over by the devil

6. The Son of Lucifer is already in the world.

It is natural, as humans and Christians to be excited by the message from the Throne of the Almighty God, at such time as we are living in now. Just like you, brethren, I and my family were looking forward to the rapture taking place on the last day of the last month of 2017, since it had not happened in the last five months.

However, like many believers, we were disappointed it did not happen on our expected date which was cross-over from 2017-2018. We are now in January, 2018. The question everybody is asking is what went wrong that the rapture did not happen?

Today is the 5th of January, 2018. On the 1st day of the year, I went back to God the giver of the message in fasting and prayers to enquire from the Throne of Grace. Brethren, God is not a man that he should lie or give his servant a message to his people that will bring shame to him. Before now, I Evangelist Phillips Eteng, has never been a follower of rapture speculators, forecasters or analyzers in my twenty-five years as a Christian and a preacher of the gospel. I have always believed rapture will take place as when God decides!

But when suddenly, the God of Heaven and earth, deemed it fit to give me a message on rapture among other messages to deliver to his people, I had no choice but to obey as commanded. Jesus Christ said my sheep knows me and hears my voice. I am but a servant, answerable to my Master. He says go and I go, speak and I speak.  Here is what the LORD told me after the fasting and prayers;

1. Heaven’s calendar for the world has ended. The year of the Anti-Christ has began this 2018

2. The rapture will take place on a day and hour nobody expected, I have only given a brief grace to a handful of my children who  have labored and have sown to my Kingdom, but are yet to reconcile themselves. The Christmas lights shall not be turned off.

3. Remember, my word to you is that the months might not end. I am God, nobody instructs me and I have declared a thing it would surly come to pass.

4. Many whose heart and soul is on the event are likely to miss the rapture, because true worshippers are those whose focus is on the Creator rather than the event. Be warned!

5. How many of my children are preaching to the unsaved since you released the message, which I gave to you? Many are doing what they have always done in the same pattern. Can they boldly say they are prepared for the rapture? On a daily basis, many are leaving my Kingdom for the Kingdom of the devil.

6. The days are numbered.

Brethren, on the 3rd day of January at about 11-12pm, in an hour of family prayer; I asked the LORD to confirm his word through people I don’t know in the four winds of the earth to encourage our faith. The next day at about mid-day I saw a comment sent by one Cyrene Watts (country unknown to me) to a video posted by MessengerTV24 on YouTube, it was a message to me from God at about 11:55pm on 3/1/2018. Below is the comment capture on MessengerTV24;

God Confirm Word on Rapture

In one of his many sermons to his disciples, Jesus Christ told them a deep mystery, which believers have ignored to the detriment of the Church. He said seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened and ask it shall be given you! Many of us depends either in our own understanding of situations or scriptures and in the process commit sin in our judgment. God is not happy with us for that. When a man of God says this message is from God, if you have doubt in your mind….go to the source and ask if truly that was his message.

Jesus Christ our redeemer did not leave us empty, but sealed us with the Holy Spirit; who will reveal the truth to us and teach us all that we need to know of happenings at the Throne of Grace. Brethren, let us keep vigil in our faith and our salvation, so that we don’t miss the rapture.

Use all available social media and the internet to win souls for God’s kingdom and stop idolizing your Church leaders at the detriment of perishing souls. Jesus Christ should be the center of our focus as true Christians in this end times.

Evangelist Phillips Eteng


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