Seven Years Count-Down Begins

earth twelightAs the earth completed it’s 2017 circle at the stationary Sun, thus ending heaven’s calendar for the world. The count-down of the Devil’s calendar began New Year 2018. To the ordinary man, it is just your normal transition from one calendar year to another; nothing physical has changed, but it is not so in the spiritual realm. As I wrote in this blog last year, God told me in clear terms, heaven’s calendar for the world ends in 2017. This means the grace and mercy the world enjoyed as a result of God’s light to the world has ceased and is only available to believers in Jesus Christ, the Christian.The year 2018, being the beginning of the devil’s calendar (DC) will be a testing ground for Christians and their faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ; everything that has to do with Christianity will be shaken by the powers of evil, it is only the mercy and grace abiding with us that will be our sustenance. The days for the Christian will be like the hour when the Holy Spirit left Jesus Christ at the cross of crucifixion and His Father looked away, which made him say these famous words, Eli, Eli, lama Sabachthani (My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me).

Jesus Christ was in preparation during his thirty-three years on earth, the additional three years was his education in spiritual matters, warfare preparation, his weapons of war and victory. God, his Father, looked away and the Holy Spirit left him, because they knew that Jesus was well equipped to confront Satan, the devil in his Kingdom. While Jesus human body laid in the tomb, the spiritual Jesus who was battle ready, went ahead to battle with Satan and his army and defeated him and collected the keys of hell and death. After three days he resurrected and gave those who believe and trust in him the victory of that battle.

God expect Christians in 2018 to use the mercy and grace (a product of faith) he has bestowed upon us to survive the humiliation, attacks, confusion the devil will use to try and disorganize the Church. Only those who hold strong to their faith and confession will see the kingdom of God.

Those whose faith is easily shaken by situations and circumstances will not qualify for the rapture. As Jesus Christ on his own overcame the devil without the presence of the Holy Spirit and the watchful eyes of His Father, so also is every believer expected to overcome the trials in the years of the devil’s calendar!

Brethren, the Saints have already been sealed and the days are a test of our faith before rapture. Let everyman guide his salvation jealously for you know not who will be raptured and who will remain. When men have angrily reacted to the failure of Christ coming and accused his messengers of falsehood, because the days have passed. In a twinkle of an eye, he will appear suddenly  catching many in their folly. Do you not know all will be tested to sift the grains from the chaff. (Read Rev 7:1-3, Eze 9:4)

When the grace period God Almighty has given to Christians to amend their ways and seek him with their whole heart expires, then the rapture will be sudden. It is then the full implementation of the Devil’s Calendar will come into operations for those left behind. Meanwhile, the earth temperature will increase and there will be more natural disasters and chaos.

Brethren, let us hold strong to our faith and be praying for each other that our faith will not fail us, in Jesus name. Amen.


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