December 2017 Is The Month of Conclusion

Christmas tree

This is the message the Holy Spirit gave me to the Christian world this morning of 27/11/2017. He told me to tell Christian leaders to prepare the saints for the rapture for the time is closing faster than man is planning. He said I should tell all and sundry that December is the month of Conclusion. What it means is that the Host of Heaven is rounding up all that is required to close the Christian age on the earth.

Brethren, don’t waste your time donating to church projects or planning for 2018, use your resources to help the widows, the fatherless, the strangers, the orphans and the poor in your society. If you are a Man of God, sell those expensive luxury items and distribute the proceeds to the hungry, the hopeless and the down trodden. Their prayers for you will be your saving grace in the days to come. All those who are holding on to their earthly wealth will have no place in God’s kingdom. Many Men of God will not make it because of their lust of the flesh and their material acquisitions. Many Christians should be meditating on James 1:27 to correct their ways.

The alert bells are ringing all over the world, but are Christians taking notice no! Those who are so religious or believe that God is suppose to tell them or the Bible says no one knows the day or time; so no one else can sound the alert of Jesus coming. Are just deceiving themselves! God has a few chosen vessels whom he has ordained even before the beginning of the world to be his secret mouth piece. John the Baptist was one of those in his generation, who was anointed to announce the coming of the Kingdom of God upon the earth, though Jesus Christ. Albeit, the existence of many Priestly leaders who were heads of the Synagogue at that time.

In our generation, God has those he has prepared for such a time like these to carry the news of the year of the second coming to the world. Brethren, distractions will come, doubt will come, unbelief will come, because the voice is not from your well known “Minister of God”- be warned, the end of the Christian world is starring us in the face; be in a state of preparation!

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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