2018 Calendar Not For Christians


Movement of PeopleGod is angry with the world and it is no longer a secret. The only reason our Father is keeping His cool, is because he knows the Christian world has less than forty-five days to its termination; because Heaven’s calendar for the world ends on the last day of 2017. All those Christians planning for 2018 and projecting their growth in the same year are in for a shock, because grace and mercy will no longer be on the earth. Those Christians who find themselves on this earth in 2018 are those who have missed the rapture of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I write to you brethren, as a messenger of the Host of Heaven, to alert you of the impending destruction that will engulf the world from 2018. Those who have not repented, especially, as Christians will surely be left behind. God Almighty has given me this message to the Churches and to my brethren all over the world. He told me it is not a message for the world, because the world know him not and accept him not; but for his own children who know him and acknowledges him!

The re-insurgence of the Kingdom of Sodom and Gomorrah over the Nations of the world has irked the heart of God for mankind and the battle line has been drawn. World broadcasters beaming abominable scenes through their television channels across all nations with uncensored materials are evil agents designed to affect the minds of Christian youths and families who subscribed to them.

Jesus Christ, the son of the Most High God is by the corner waiting for the go-ahead to appear suddenly on earth, from the Father. Brethren, every day until the last day of 2017, strange happenings will occur on the earth and in the spiritual realm. True children who are heavenly bound will be praying and interceding daily for the Church.

Why is my church pastor or general overseer not talking about 2017 being the end of Heaven’s calendar for the earth?

Your pastor or general overseer is fulfilling his ordained ministry and may be too engrossed with the anointing surrounding him to bother about things he may not be too sure of happening; believing it is still far ahead! God has those he termed the holy remnants, those who are not known or popular like your pastor or general overseer or prophets. But are on earth to fulfill heaven’s mandate as and when due. They are like John the Baptist, who lived away in the wild from the opulence of society and proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God and the need for repentance!

God instructed me to tell your pastor, general overseer, prophets and other church leaders to “prepare the saints for the rapture”. Share the preparation message to your Christian friends and church network through all the available social media. There is no going back on his word, the LORD God Almighty has spoken, who can change it? Brethren, do the needful stop praying for blessings and favour for 2018, concentrate on upholding your salvation until the last hour and minute of the end of 2017. Let 2018 take care of itself, Jesus Christ is Lord. Remain in faith!

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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