Jesus Is Not Happy Over Humanity


The unfolding scene is that 2017 is gradually closing with only two months to go. Millions of Christians are not taking the warning of Jesus Christ appearing on the earth seriously , so everyone is going about their businesses just like the days of Noah! 

Recently, my daughter saw a dream,where she saw Jesus Christ suspended above the earth looking down sorrowful. He was looking down at a man distributing monies to people on the earth, and people flocked around him. They were so many people waiting to get a share of the money, but the man refused to give her some of the money. As she was going away, she looked up and Jesus was still looking down sad!

While scrolling down my Facebook page the other day, I came across a write-up about a woman,who saw a dream about rapture. She suddenly found herself in a chaotic situation, people were running all over the place, the sun suddenly changed its colour. Confusion had engulfed the earth, a voice came from behind her saying ” l pleaded with my Father to delay my coming several times, he hearken to my voice, because the numbers were not worth my blood sacrifice for them. Humanity has annoyed him so much, they don’t want to change…. So now, he does as he wills. ”

She concluded her dreams by saying that the man told her to go and tell her brothers to repent and prepared themselves of his coming. He repeated it three times and she found herself running trying to escape, before waking up with a fright!

The christian world was to have ended in the millennium, but God extended it by seventeen years. In September, 1997, the Host of Heaven sent three Angels to me in a dream. The angels said I was needed in Heaven, that the Ancient of Days has sent them. I asked them how do I get there considering that I have no wings. One of them said I should just walk normally with them towards the sky; I did just that.  As we got to the clouds I found myself walking on what seems like a high way, though I could see the world below through the clouds.

We arrived a massive hill in Heaven, and the Throne I saw was massive but invisible to my eyes, but I saw who sat on it. The Angels who brought me from the earth bowed before the Throne,I also bow with them. Curiosity to know who I was bowing to made me look up, it was the Ancient of Days, the Host of Heaven, the Almighty God seated on the invisible Throne.

He called me up to his right side, I was so conscious of everything happening around me, it was no longer a dream. As I stood by his side, there was another earthly man standing by his left side. I recognized his face from earth.

The Ancient of Days waved his right hand, the earth beneath showed up and the clouds opened it was my old neighborhood in East London, United Kingdom. There was so much noise coming out from the people and the car horns below. The Ancient of Days told me how can he send his Son, when all those pointing to the live feed from the earth are busy going about their businesses without a care about the coming of his Son.

Afterwards, the scene disappeared and he told me other things and showed me things that cannot be revealed to the world!

Nineteen years and ten months after the heavenly encounter, exactly on the July 1st, 2017, the Host of Heaven, the Ancient of Days came himself not in a dream to send me and my family to the Churches to tell Church leaders to prepare the saints for the repature in 2017! For as he said Heaven’s calendar for the earth ends in 2017, and the remaining months might not end before Jesus, who is just at the corner, shows up for the saints.

Brethren,the die has been cast, repent from your earthly ways and follow Jesus Christ, tell others how it was in the days of Noah. Let us keep praying for the Churches and the saints. The time is almost ticking to the last hour. Are you ready. Share this post, many people need to read it. God is counting on you for that soul.



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One Response to Jesus Is Not Happy Over Humanity

  1. A. Crouch says:

    Many thanks for sharing this with us. It witnessed to my spirit. God bless you. I am looking forward to the rapture and have been watching and praying. I am so glad the Lord led me to your videos and to your blogg. I pray that my son Peter and my husband Ian will make it in the rapture. Please remember us in prayer. Anna

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