Life As A Disciple Before Rising

Apostle John Chi Unfolding Story
40 pages e-booklet available  Now

Whoever finds himself at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), either as a disciple or visitor is by divine providence. In the face of the wide criticism of the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua as an agent of Satan sent to deceive even the elect, should in itself deter true believers from associating with him or the ministry. Those who are truly from above know the voice of Jesus Christ and will always trace it to its source.

As an ardent Emmanuel TV viewer, one cannot help but become part of that family of God at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations. Following the activities of the SCOAN is like watching a Christian Reality TV Show where you can almost relate to the house members; because you see them grow from teenagers to adulthood and at every time you want to know what is happening to them. Questions like are they married now or what part of the world are they from or what is like working at in the Church? So when you visit SCOAN and meet them in real life, you are able to easily relate with them like old time acquaintances. Often they are many questions you want to ask them to get to know them personally, but the discipline and work ethics at SCOAN make them to relate to you as a seeker of the fruits of the Kingdom of God and not to divulge personal details to you. Knowing that the world is evil and the devil is looking for the slightest information to destroy Prophet TB Joshua and the ministry entrusted to him by God Almighty.

Reserve this  40 page ebook PDF booklet on the life of Apostle John Chi with pictures. Get a copy of  WISEMAN JOHN CHI UNFOLDING STORY today by donating to our evangelical outreach. The booklet reveals so much as;

  • What it is  like working as a disciple of  Prophet TB Joshua?
  • What happened to him as a Wise Man of SCOAN?
  • Why did he not make his Ministry  a branch of Synagogue?
  • Is Apostle John Chi married

Use this link to donate and get a download copy sent to your email.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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