God Warn Churches of 2017 Rapture!



The ominous signs are all over the world, and you don’t need to be reminded that the end is not far in sight. Watching this video confirms to me that the Church need to wake up its sleeping members, because many of them might be left behind. It is obvious that if the rapture should happen today, 80% of Christians will not make it.

God Almighty has realized that and therefore have sent out red alert to millions of Christians across the world to warn their Church leaders to prepare their congregations for rapture this year. He deliberately left the Church leaders to use the ordinary members to warn them, because most of these Ministers are too full of themselves just like the Pharisees.

Children of the Most High God pray and fast for the Church. Most of these Ministers will wave off the warning as being speculative; their excuse will be that nobody knows the time of his coming. Yes, quite true! But if God sees that the loss of what Jesus Christ worked and shed his blood for will be greater than the gain of His sudden appearance. Our Heavenly Father will do as it pleases him. Let those who have ears hear what the spirit is saying to the Churches.

Watch this ten minutes video and share it around and spread the word.

Evangelist Phillips Eteng,

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