Donald Trump Is The Son Of Lucifer, Says The LORD!

Donald Trump

The world has never been so shaken politically, socially, economically and psychologically as when Donald Trump contested and won the Presidency of the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America. His presidency was greeted with protests all over the world, especially, in the US. Stock Exchanges the world over tumbled in their first day of opening after the results were announced, thus began the economic melt-down and the close of the ages. His arrogance and disregard for diplomacy and decorum, has not only rubbished the US Presidency, but has also diminished it among the comity of nations.

In the revelation of the end of this age being 2017, here were the exact words of the LORD God Almighty to me, “The son of Lucifer is already in the world and he is the one ruling the United States. You know how he started, immediately he won the election there was economic meltdown all over the world. It is only those who are chosen that will know what it is all about, but those ignorant ones saw it as the normal thing that can happen to any other president.”

If you are a follower of this blog or read my postings, you would agree that as far back as April 2nd, 2016 the LORD opened my spiritual eyes to see who Donald Trump is and his role in ushering in the Messiah of the world. What many American Evangelicals have and did not realize is that Satan used them in the power game to place his son in the US Throne room. They saw an illusionary beacon of light shone by the devil and they fell for it as coming from God. Donald Trump has without an iota of doubt displayed all the attributes of his father, Lucifer, before and after being sworn in as the US President!

The son of Lucifer first came to the earth as Adolf Hitler in a most similar fashion selling the superiority of the German race to the rest of the world. Donald Trump came under the sales slogan of American First and all others second and people bought into it like fire. Hitler was brutal and arrogant with a crooked smile, but behind the physical body was the personality of a bloody demon with fangs ready to devour; six million Jews paid the horrific price of being gassed to death, while millions of others suffered the wanton destruction of lives and properties. He pretended he loved Jesus and came under the banner of being a Christian; a wolf in sheep clothing. World War II was his contribution to mankind, and after the war he just disappeared from the surface of the earth till date. The body of Adolf Hitler has not been seen and after years of searching and investigating his possible where about the United Nations has given up.

Let the truth be told to the world, as we come to the end of the ages in 2017, before the appearing of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living GOD. After the war, Adolf Hitler hid in his underground bunker for a while, when the Allies were closing in on him, his father Lucifer took him to hell, his dwelling place. Shocking as it may sound, he lived in Hell until he was repackaged and sent to the world a year after the war as Donald Trump.

Unlike his predecessor, Donald Trump is on a mission to build economic dominance and control starting within the US. There are four beast Kings that Prophet Daniel mentioned in the book of Dan 7:17, that emerged from the sea unto the earth; these today are Donald Trump of the US, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. The world power tussle today is between these four.

I am an end time messenger, born to this world for a time like these, to reveal to the world what I have seen and heard from the Host of Heaven. It is all for the preparation of the saints for the Kingdom of our God. The kingdom of Satan is up in arms against me and my family, because of all these exposures, but He who called me to this job has been our shield and defender. Brethren, as you pray do not cease to pray also for me and my family. Jesus Christ is Lord, and he will not allow His own to suffer affliction beyond their capacity.

Brethren, prepare, prepare yourself and loved ones for the Messiah is within a breath away in 2017. Those who don’t know Jesus Christ, it is time to repent and accept him as your personal Lord and saviour. There is no ceremony, confess in your heart now Roman 10:9-10 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Evangelist Phillips Eteng

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One Response to Donald Trump Is The Son Of Lucifer, Says The LORD!

  1. I didn’t read your article because from the beginning you referred to satan as lucifer and that is totally inaccurate and has been for longer than I can count. Here is something that is more germane to our calling and purpose (as opposed to knowing or naming or identifying in the present evil world, darkness). OUR BATTLE IS NOT WITH FLESH AND BLOOD!! OUR WARFARE and equiptment IS mighty unto the pulling down of strongholds.

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