Endtime Prophesy Fulfilled As TB Joshua Relocates To Israel

The end is surly here with us and there is no going back, we know not the time and the day, but Jesus Christ is closer to the earth than any of us can imagine. Many don’t want to hear this message, but dear brethren, sound it out loud and clear in all your social medium; share it and reblog  it where possible. Let those who have ears, hear what the spirit of God is releasing out to his elect.


The official announcement on his global network channel, Emmanuel TV last Sunday, of his official relocation to the Nation of Israel, Prophet TB Joshua just sealed an endtime facts! I had shared with my family a year ago, that the day TB. Joshua, the prophet of God announces his location to Israel, know of a certain that the end is a breath away. It is given to some of us to reveal to the world God’s move and plan, so that we can amend our ways and be on guard against the evil plotter. The Jewish people have been planning with the Prophet for sometime now; for him to fully relocate to the Holy Land by showing him many hidden secrets of the Jewish nation, including the grave of Father Abraham and Mother Sarah.

What is the significance of TB Joshua’s relocation to Israel as a Prophet of the Most High God? His presences in Israel will show to the Jewish Nation and the unbelieving world, that the Messiah the Jews are waiting for was and is and now He is coming to rapture his followers in not many days from now! The Jews will experience  demonstration of power never ever seen in Israel since the days of the Apostles. Many will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and repent. The flow of God’s power from Jerusalem to the four corners of the world will be so awesome that the kingdom of  Darkness will rekindle its forces against the children of light.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is being taken to its roots, Israel. The Prophet of SCOAN is powerless to stop the move and he has openly confessed it. He told a bewildered worldwide audience that his human nature is resisting the move considering how many businesses in the Ikotun Egbe area will suffer; including the dependants. But as he concluded, it is not for him to say, but He who called him into His vineyard! The time for his move has come and to God be the glory. He stated that it is not Mr TB Joshua who is moving, but Prophet TB Joshua who was born for that purpose. Like many chosen prophets before him, it is now the world, including Nigeria- his home country, would know who Prophet TB Joshua really is in the affairs of God Almighty.

Dearly beloved of God, be sensitive to the move of God and do not be deceived by the doctrines of men and angels. Continue to pray for men of God, your family and families all over the world. Share this post to your friends and let them know that God can use anybody from his creation to fulfill his word. Israel in the days ahead will be so charged that the Arabs will rise up against the Jewish nation and the real anti-Christ will rise from the Arab nations to destroy the nation of Israel. Pray for the peace of Israel.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.


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3 Responses to Endtime Prophesy Fulfilled As TB Joshua Relocates To Israel

  1. nkatekos says:

    This is scary for the country Nigeria.

  2. Emeritus says:

    we will miss this great man of God in Africa if indeed he re locates to Israel. May the will of God be exalted.

  3. Andy tsoji says:

    let those who have the ear should hear what the spirit said.

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